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The Flag of the Union of Worlds

Contained here is the Timeline of the Union of Worlds from the very beginning of their universe to the end of the start of the Union-Nakai war.

Creation EraEdit

000: The Universe and Xanthos are created, why is unknown but together they embody light and darkness, they then both work together to create the big bang which happens everywhere at once, they sculpt the dimensions from the void and set the foundations of the material universe we know today.

001: The duo both create the balance, a universal law which for bays either side to win, the balance must be forever kept and a being is created to keep and enforce the balance, his name is lost in the mists of time but he roams the dimensions. They also create the dimensional crystals which control the dimensions, to stop them from being harmed or used by others the dimensional dragons are created to guard the crystals one for each dimension.

100: The material universe begins to take shape, galaxies form and stars are born, with the stage set the Universe creates the first ever life, the Nakai.

500: The Nakai being confined to one dimension quickly master technology and the material Universe spreading the seed of life to other worlds and creating other life, the being of the balance surveys this dimension closely.

750: The Nakai branch out using inter dimensional travel to reach all corners of creation, settling on many worlds and galaxies, Xanthos being frustrated at the advancement of light uses his powers to corrupt many races to darkness and also corrupts most of the Nakai in the first dimension. The Nakai here fall upon each other with a lust for carnage and soon the blood of millions runs on many worlds, the being of the balance now known as Wolf is disgusted and decides to end the corruption himself, he slays the dragon of that dimension and smashes the crystal condemning all those inside the dimension to die. With the balance restored he moves on.

850: The Nakai in the milky way are oblivious to the happenings of the prime dimension and build themselves an empire in this galaxy, living for many years they help nurture many new races that have evolved, the most promising being the Shalakians, Talonians and the Godoroks who all live in peace under the Nakai's guidance.

900: The Nakai come under attack by a force which has never been seen before, sweeping through the Nakai's forces and worlds the unknown race destroys and consumes everything, when finally the Nakai are cornered on their homeworld of Sol they evacuate to a pocket dimension constructed by their technology using a construct called the Oblivion gates with the bold sacrifice of their main fleet to buy time enough for the race to escape they then wait unable to return, condemned to watch the events unfolding.

901: As a final act the Nakai seed the galaxy with life, including Sol in a hope of rebuilding. The mysterious race that destroyed them leaves just as quickly as they came.

1000: As the new races evolve in the milky way the old races quickly revert to infighting, also the Talonians gain a strange new leader who seems to appear from nowhere calling himself Claw he has the appearance of an Angel and he helps the Talonians advance their technology. The Shalakians in particular reach a point where their whole race ascends only to find entry to the higher planes of existence barred because of the terror they inflicted upon the other races. Now trapped in the twighlight of the material realm and the ascended realm they vent their fury on the other races. Now with the power of half ascendancy the Shadows initiate a war of purging against the Talonians and the Godoroks.

1250: Talonia falls, Claw leaves devastated that his beloved race is dead, after a bitter fight the last of the Talonian race is wiped out. Claw arrives just in time to warn the Godoroks who were allies of the Talonians to hide or die, they engineer a great ark which will contain everything their race has accomplished and their history along with 20,000 souls. Unfortunately not all escape and the Godoroks are destroyed but the ark manages to get away. Claw having seen the devastation unfold wanders the stars waiting for his true destiny to unfold.

1500+: the many Universal events unfold but the Nakai in particular manage to discover the ultimate gene code, the genetic code of the Universe himself. Using this power they manage to return to their realm and find a specimen to test it on. The Human race evolves on earth, descended from the Nakai they progress oblivious to the events of the distant past.

Pre Unification/ Unification WarsEdit

2010: Myric is taken by a Nakai science division and experimented on, using human DNA which is most like the Nakai's they implant Myric with the Genetic code of the Universe, enraged the Universe destroys the genetic code but keeps Myric alive for unknown reasons, the Nakai devastated manage to rebuild the strand from data but it is an echo of what it used to be, the Nakai then nurture Myric adamant that he will be the one to save their race. Using the remaining samples of the rebuilt genetic code the Nakai then try to create others like Myric.

2015: Massive technological advances all over the earth mask the fact that relations between countries are breaking down.

2019: The UN disbanded, some countries go into isolationism, and the Red Flag alliance is formed between china and Russia along with some other countries

2020: NATO is reformed and many western countries join.

2022: Earth enters a new cold war with both sides ready to strike with they’re entire nuclear stockpiles at a moment's notice.

2025: Red Flag forces invade multiple countries including Poland, Japan, and the Middle East NATO responds by sending troops to aid these countries.

2026: The war in the middle east hots up as both sides try to gain the advantage, a entire stealth bomber wing destroys a major Red Flag operating base, Red flag forces respond by using a tactical nuke on a NATO base, everyone is on edge.

2026 November the 12th: Red Flag manage to sneak a suitcase bomb into the US and detonate it near the white house, the bomb was an improvised nuclear device and the president is killed. NATO launches. Red Flag launches. The nuclear exchange lasts 30 minutes and in that time most of the world is reduced to dust as the bombs destroy both NATO and Red Flag.

2030: Survivors from all countries band together into groups to try and organise what’s left, many warlords and megalomaniacs take power and lots of small wars erupt over the desolate planet.

2035: A man in the ruins of china is found and he claims to have the ability to cure radiation sickness, people flock to him in their thousands and he is worshipped like a god. He forms the covenant of light which believes the man is the saviour of earth. With millions of worshippers the man declares a crusade that will convert or kill every man woman and child on earth.

2036: The survivors in the US have managed to make a stable country again by making all of their civilians militarised, they rule well until covenant forces invade the US. The US fights bravely but the vast armies of the self proclaimed Prophet Xing sweep away all resistance.

2037: The US experimenting with AI technology build a machine that will make and design robot soldiers for the US naming it AC110 the machine is activated and immediately starts building an army. AC110 and the US forces drive the covenant hordes off American soil.

2038: AC110 designates itself superior to humans and declares war on humanity, before the scientists have a chance to shut it down AC110 robots kill them, AC110 wipes out the population of America and begins to take over and invade countries with advanced robots.

2040: In Europe a man only known as ‘Scar’ takes command of remnants of the EU and forms a large faction the Coalition, life is good in the coalition and many flock to the promise of a safe home

2041: Scar finds a miraculous individual who has the appearance of an angel, she calls herself Ouka and has powers beyond imagination as she can seemingly manipulate air, Scar proclaims that the Coalition will become the major power on earth and will help save everyone.

2042: After a surgical strike on AC110 in America the elite group of commandos discover two twins who had survived who also looked like angels, the two were bought before the now Emperor Scar he took them in and formed a new fighting unit called XCORE which would contain amazing individuals who would lead the Coalition to victory.

2049: Another angel is found in the ruins of Germany called Karn Eeling.

2050: The coalition continues to battles with AC110S forces in Spain and the Middle East while simultaneously fighting the Covenant in Russia and turkey, the members of XCORE fight on the front lines using their wondrous powers to achieve victory after victory.

2055: AC110 invades china and drives the covenant into the Himalayas, Prophet Xing now resides in a gigantic air fortress of immense size after it was built by masses of slaves (unbelievers)

2061: In Poland during an engagement between AC110 and coalition forces another angel is found he tears apart the advanced robot army with ease and is clearly stronger than the other members of XCORE his name is Myric who seems to have come from the past, he joins Emperor Scar who adopts him as his own son and Myric soon becomes a idolised figure in the Coalition for his amazing kindness and willingness to help people.

2064: After a massive battle involving the entire coalition’s air force the Covenant forces are finally eradicated after Myric personally shoots dead Prophet Xing aboard his Air fortress. Months later the coalition builds an experimental weapon called a stasis missile, after a massive air attack on AC110S core which takes out its air defences the missile is launched, it hits the core and makes a 2 mile bubble in which everything is frozen solid in a cut off time field. AC110S robots all over the world deactivate the coalition had won.

2065: Earth is unified under Emperor Scar, a cure for radiation is found and people are free to go where they please, the world is quickly rebuilt and massive cities are soon found everywhere.

2065 November the 12th: the first ship ever to be built the colossal Interceptor takes its first flight designed and helped built by Myric, the whole world watches as humanity takes its first steps towards the stars.

2066: Claw a Talonian and another angel reveals himself to Myric and the world telling Myric that he is his sworn protector and that Claw has been watching Myric since birth, he also proves that humanity is not alone in the universe. 2 months later the Interceptor with Scar and Myric aboard find a colony of another race the Cylaurian’s, Scar declares war for no reason and Myric is left wondering if Scar is fit to rule, the Cylaurian’s retaliate and Humanities first interstellar war starts.

Cylaurian Wars:Edit

2066: Humanity has colonised the solar system and has 5 off world colonies in different systems, FTL travel is now available and humanity has a small fleet of star ships based on the new Ferrum and Dart class designs.

2066 March: After the first battle between humans and Cylaurian’s Scar takes the new fleet to Sigma 22 a Cylaurian colony, he systematically nukes the planet from orbit the population of 6 billion are wiped out by fire. The attack is not sanctioned by Myric or XCORE and the public are not told of what happed apart from that it was a victory.

2066: February: Myric discovers a incredibly strange creature which appears to be some sort of child, he does not tell the others and the creature quickly grows rivalling the intelligence of Myric he names it Surak, the creature after learning from Myric then leaves to try to rejoin his race, Myric while sad bids him farewell.

2066: April: The second fleet engagement of the war occurs in a dense asteroid belt, the missile weaponry of the Cylaurian ships is rendered useless by the asteroids the human forces destroy the fleet with 2 ships destroyed in return, Scar then promises to attack the Cylaurian Homeworld directly and end the war.

2066 July: Myric on a scouting mission comes across another angel by the name of Duneyer on the volcanic world of Relon Prime and quickly falls in love with her. He returns with her and shows Scar, after he tells Scar that they will be getting married to her Scar decrees that Myric is forbidden to marry her and that she will become Scars wife instead shocking Myric and XCORE Duneyer refuses and is arrested.

2066 October: Scar indulges in his power and lives the high life to the full, after much discussion XCORE reveal the true events of Sigma 22 to the public causing waves of revulsion and horror, many revolt and declare Scar as a megalomaniac. Scar summons XCORE to his chambers and declares that they all swear allegiance to him through control collars, horrified at the notion XCORE refuse.

2066 October 3rd: Scar declares XCORE as enemies of humanity and has them arrested; Scar declares martial law and shows his true colours. He makes the military swear allegiance to him and many are disgusted and refuse these people are shot. XCORE break out of Scars prison and are joined by army rebels, during the escape Duneyer is isolated and after a huge battle is caught, Myric leaves her after she tells him to go, after a brief battle in space Myric takes lead of the rebellion and takes a handful of ships and escapes to one of the off world colonies.

2066 November: Myric makes a peace treaty with the Cylaurian’s who agree to help Myric take down Scar and free humanity. The civil war had begun.

Civil WarEdit

2066: Scar becomes a dictator declaring that he is almighty and that all others must bow to him, he kills all those that oppose him, he takes Duneyer as his ‘wife’ and he abuses her mentally, sexually and physically he fits her with a pain collar so whenever she disobeyed him she would have all other nerves activated at once paralysing her with pain he breaks her spirit slowly.

Myric leads the rebellion and makes surgical raids against Scars forces, he vows to humanity that he will free them from Scars tyrannical reign of terror and that he would bring peace to the galaxy, many worlds join Myric as the human race slowly expands across the void.

2067: Myric leads a desperate attack on earth while Scars fleet engages Cylaurian forces, Myric attacks the compound to try and free Duneyer but he is tricked and is trapped in a stasis field, rebel forces have to retreat when the earth defence grid is activated leaving Myric to the mercy of Scar.

2067 June: Scar declares that he will publically execute Myric as a traitor to humanity, many rise up and Scars forces crush all resistance, security is doubled and as the execution is about to take place the scream of jet engines could be heard as the rebels attack earth again in an attempt to save Myric, Firestorm fighters scream over head as they destroy Scars forces, Claw and XCORE rescue Myric and Duneyer and as Scar screams in rage at the heavens the rebels withdraw again with their friends intact.

2067 July: Karn and Claw try to remove the integrated pain collar from Duneyer’s neck; Claw using his powers over metal removes it slowly while Karn suppresses Duneyer’s pain receptors so she doesn’t die of sheer shock during the procedure. After she wakes Myric spends a lot of time with her helping her to overcome the torture she had been through with Scar she returns a broken woman though Myric tries to help her.

2068: Myric and the Cylaurian’s after discovering a plot in which Scar will destroy their current base of operations launch a joint attack on earth in one final all or nothing attempt to bring Scar down, aboard the Interceptor Scar watches as his fleet destroys the rebels, to his surprise the defence grid suddenly turns on Scar and helps annihilate his fleet, thanks to civilians rebelling against his oppression and overrun the control centre and turning it against him. Myric himself activates a subroutine in the Interceptors AI which deactivates all its systems, which he had implanted when he helped build it. Scars fleet either is destroyed or surrenders, Scar himself surrenders and is exiled from the new Union of Worlds to the edge of the galaxy despite many wanting him dead. Myric takes the position of Emperor after the people of both races ask him to take the position and he commands the new Union, during the ceremony of crowning a sphere of light appears and reveals a being clad in golden armour and wielding a great halberd the being gives his armour and weapon to Myric as gift of good will before Myric can ask him anything he disappears back into the sphere. Myric promises peace and prosperity for the galaxy. His first act is to make Duneyer his wife and they get married on the 12th of august 2068.

The Shadow ConflictEdit

Skia Empire

The Skia Empire

2068: The Union of Worlds spreads out across the galaxy gaining more and more colonies every month, many new races young and old join the Union and a era of peace descends upon the galaxy. XCORE lead the Union and conduct patrols and peace keeping exercises with the combined races army, new technologies are discovered and incorporated.

2068: December: during a routine patrol sweep the Interceptor comes under attack from an unknown force, using advanced weaponry and armour they soon overcome the small Union fleet, only 3 ships out of 7 returns including the Interceptor. Records of the battle are examined and the true horror of the threat emerges, Claw tells of how his people were destroyed when they fought against a race called the Shalakians or 'Shadows' many years ago he tells Myric that these ships are Shadow ships and that the Union must prepare for war on a unimaginable scale.

2069: January: a call to arms is sent out as the Union preps for war, a small colony is destroyed by the Shadows with no survivors, Union forces are deployed and a battle is fought against the new enemy. The Shadows extreme speed, weapons and armour proves more than a match for Union forces, on the ground Shadow troops easily kill Union men in combat and in space their ships tear holes in the Union ships, the Union withdraws.

2069: June: the Unions war is not going well, the Shadows and their advanced tech causes the Union to lose in every theatre of war, a drastic re armament takes place, Mass drivers are developed to replace the old rocket propelled cannons to overcome the Shadows speed, and troops are trained with the help of Claw to shoot for the eye of a Shadow as its their only weak point.

2069 August: the Union finally engages the Shadows with its new technology and the battle is won thanks to the new methods and also the hard fighting of XCORE, things look up for the Union.

2069: December: the war is a stalemate with neither side managing to get the upper hand when suddenly the Shadows reveal they’re trump card, a planet killer. The machine blasts apart 3 colonies before the Union can react. Accompanied by a massive fleet an attack on the planet killer would be suicide.

2070: January: Claw tells Myric that the Shadows are all controlled by a pair of Shadows who exert a telepathic control over the whole race, when a warlike pair is in power they can make the whole race go to war, Claw advises Myric that if the pair are assinated then another pair would have to take their place and these two might be willing to stop the war.

2070: February: Emperor Myric calls the greatest assassins from all over the galaxy and tasks them with killing the Shadow leaders, all refuse saying it would be suicide to even set foot on Shalak the Homeworld of the Shadows. All apart from one. He calls himself Azgoroth of a race called the Godoroks or Titans; he accepts the challenge and sets off.

2070 April: the war is going badly for the Union when all of a sudden the Shadows withdraw and Myric receives a message from the Shadow Homeworld, the leaders had been assassinated and the new leaders had seen to seek diplomatic relations with a amazing sense of realisation he recognises the one of the new leaders to be none other than Surak, the two negotiate diplomacy. Azgoroth returns and is congratulated by Myric himself he asks Azgoroth if he would join the Union as a commander Azgoroth accepts. Claw while talking to Azgoroth is ecstatic to find out that the Godoroks are indeed still alive, and have finally founded a new home. Myric after securing a peace treaty with the Shadows asks the Godoroks to join the Union, at first they refuse as the Shadows destroyed their race but Myric convinces them otherwise.

2071: The Shadows and the Union sign a peace treaty and the Angel Reina advises Myric to induct them into the Union, Claw is outraged at the idea and demands that the Shadows be destroyed to avenge his people, Myric ignores Claws demands and welcomes the Shadows into the Union.

2071 July: Myric discovers that a planet of the Union has defected with a sizeable portion of space and ground assets. Determined that the ruler be brought to justice the whole of XCORE decide to lead the attack themselves, the battle in space lasts only 40 minutes as the Shadows lend they’re might to the attack leaving the governors space force a floating wreck. Karn begs Myric to let him lead the first wave instead of the Emperor, the Emperor reluctantly accepts. Some say Karn knew that he must die instead of Myric and as the Angel made planet fall the deranged governor detonated his stockpile of virus warheads and the whole world was consumed by viral infection. Karn just had time to tell Myric to call off the attack, hearing his friend scream as he was eaten alive by the Viruses was too much for the Emperor and he was consumed by rage. Duneyer and Claw tried to stop him but something in Myric’s mind was controlling him in his rage, the Emperor used his powers to tear the very planet itself apart. The Union was shocked at this but XCORE had lost a member and Karn would be mourned for decades to come.

Peace Time:Edit

2072: Another Angel is found on the mars colony, she is found to be able to manipulate electricity and is related to the person who designed AC110 many question her but Myric assures the population that all will be fine. Marlene joins XCORE.

2072: February: after the Emperor’s birthday Duneyer becomes pregnant with her first child, the Union celebrates and Myric is ecstatic about it.

2072: December: the first Angel child is born a son; Myric shows him to the Union for all to see and names him Kahalin much celebration ensues and Myric declares that the Union will work harder than ever to bring peace to the universe. Myric also creates the Union council made up of 2 representatives from each race; the council would handle everyday matters and leave the more important work to Myric.

2073: Another Angel is found by Myric, found on Lunar she calls herself Larissa and can control gravity, Myric welcomes her to XCORE. She makes herself at home but causes much conflict as she tries to manipulate the Entire members of XCORE to either sleep with her or end they’re relationships. The council decides to intervene and tells Larissa that she must face a court martial and if she loses she would be exiled, Ouka another angel gives her another proposition duel her and if Ouka won Larissa would have to stop sleeping around and help the Union this way she wouldn’t have to face the trial, but if Larissa won then she would still have to face the trial. Larissa accepted and deliberately lost.

2073 December: The Union comes across another race called the Jorgal, they are reptilian and are exceptionally dedicated to peace, they wish to become part of the Union and Myric accepts, the Jorgal using their extensive knowledge of trade helps the Union establish new trades routes.

The Violar WarsEdit

Violar Protectorate (2)

The Violar Protectorate

2073: Planets of the Union start reporting raids from unknown ships, these ships are reported to be immensely resilient to fire and have weapons that devastate star ships, hearing the news Myric heads to the nearest report with a huge fleet determined to find the enemy. When he arrives he finds a massive star ship surrounded by a supporting fleet. The ship seemed to be feeding off the local star and Myric tried to negotiate with the new race. The race calling themselves the Violar (though this is translated) refused peace and attacked the Union ships, the Violar craft were fast and had their weapons accounted for many Union ships. After the battle Emperor Myric only just managed to drive off the Violar through sheer tenaciousness and courage but the price had been great, the star was now not big enough to support the life in that system and also he had taken many casualties. The Union prepared for war once again.

2074: Many battles are fought all over the galaxy with Violar fleets devouring stars and destroying Union colonies. Myric implements a plan which using ancient technology lets the Union bring its most valued planets together into one system which is the Sol system. After it is complete Sol now consists of 4 stars and 25 planets, the whole system is surrounded by a massive system shield and many orbital defences.

2075: The system defences are tested as a Violar fleet attacks the Unions heart in an attempt to destroy the leadership of the Union, supported by a world ship of immense size Sol system comes under siege.

2075 November: The defence holds with help from the combined Union fleet and the world ship escapes but is heavily damaged in the process. Information from the remains of the ships gives the Union an insight on what and who the Violar are. It is discovered that they are inter dimensional beings that hop across dimensions harvesting a resource called Diterium this substance must be injected into their veins otherwise they suffer a fate far worse than death. They harvest this substance by accelerating the life of a star causing it to make huge amounts of Diterium, this then causes the star to die or worse supernova destroying everything around it. Union scientists explain to Emperor Myric that if we could get the Violar to stay with the Union the Union could set up Diterium harvesters on every star, meaning that the destruction of stars would not be necessary and that the total amount harvested daily would be enough to sate the Violar lust.

2076: Myric takes the Interceptor and finds the Violar main fleet. Consisting of a dozen world ships and thousands of craft, the Interceptor is outmatched, but it is not there to fight but to negotiate. Myric asks to see the Violar high council and in a surprising move they accept. After an hour Myric tells the council about his method and offers the Violar a permanent place in the Union and an unlimited supply of Diterium. The council send Myric away and say that they will contact him with their decision.

2076 August: a massive anomaly occurs in space and the Union goes to investigate. After sending two ships into the area with no success Myric takes the Interceptor in, something manages to get into the ship and heads straight for the bridge, Myric prepares for combat and a man appears, he attacks Myric with lightning speed. Myric dodges and after an hour of combat they stop as they cannot defeat each other. Myric laughs out loud and offers the individual a place in the Union, the person Wolf a being of great power accepts and takes the place of high assassin.

2076 December: half of the entire Violar race jumps into Sol system, the Union mobilises quickly to combat the threat but Myric gives the order to stand down. The Violar ships float there and one of the 6 world ships contacts the Emperor. Over half of the council had agreed to join the Union in return for a home and Diterium, these members had jumped here but the rest had not wanted to these were the xenophobic types and they continue to destroy Union forces and harvest stars in destructive ways. The Union aligned Violar agree to help the Union fight the others off and a civil war ensues.

2077: Many large combats are fought as the rebel Violar try to destroy the Diterium harvesters set up by the Union. Slowly the rebel Violar are either destroyed or give up as their stocks of Diterium run out, and as the Union stops them from harvesting any more.

2078: The last rebel Violar world ship is boarded and the inhabitants on board refuse to yield and spit on the Unions offer to surrender. Fearing a bloodbath if they try to storm the ship Emperor Myric decides to take the Angels and the commanders in to cleanse the ship, after a week of fighting aboard the giant ship every one of the rebels is killed as they fanatically try to kill XCORE and the Violar wars come to an end.

Golden AgeEdit

2078 November: the Union is finally at peace; all races work in harmony in the Union. The rest of the galaxy is explored and colonised and beyond into deep space satellite stations are set up to alert the Union of any intrusions.

2079: Much technological advancement is made in all areas most important are the medical advancements, a new type of drug is found and named the immortality pill and it does exactly what it’s called. Anyone who takes the pill slowly turns back to the point in their lives where they were the healthiest and stay there. All illnesses are gotten rid of and new genetic surgery stops and an all genetic disorders, the entire population of the Union is immune to everything but death by injury and new advancements in stem cell research and nano technology allows for almost total repair of the organic body.

2080: The Union is completely free from all morbidities apart from rebellion and extremist groups that are crushed by the combined arms of all races.

2085: Myric and the angels turn their attention to the ancient remains they keep discovering all over the galaxy, they lead expeditionary forces and uncover artefacts and technology from a long departed race called the Nakai, who were destroyed by some ‘great evil’.

2086: While investigating a world along the outer rim Myric stumbles on a machine which then activates and uses all the machines remaining power to remove Myric’s dark side from his body. At first Myric and some of the angels are pleased but then the discover a dark truth, in a separate part of the machine a creature of pure darkness awakes and with a awful cry of elation Sotek the demon inside Myric’s soul is free. After a brief fight between the two Myric watches as Sotek escapes into the galaxy.

2087: Myric while leading the hunt for Sotek comes across a planet of Nakai origin, he finds a temple of some sort and while exploring it he is visited by the Universe itself. The Universe reveals to Myric that he has the same genes as the Creator himself and that although not technically related Myric is taken aback when he realises that he is the Universes son, the Universe also shows Myric what he has created, billions of dimensions all parallel to each other governed over by the Universe but he also reveals that like Myric he too has a demon side Xanthos the destroyer. He also tells Myric that although he is the creator he is no god and wishes not to be worshipped. Myric leaves the temple and orders it destroyed at the Universes behest; Myric has a new goal to fight all evil in his father’s name.

2088: Scar old Emperor has carved a small dictator like empire out on the northern rim and is about to start fighting the Union openly when he doesn’t believe his luck, Sotek finds him and though the two hate each other at first Sotek realises though Scar is insane he can help him destroy the Union and all that Myric holds dear. Scar talks of a great enemy that ravaged the galaxy once before and that if Sotek used his powers to light up the galaxy in soul essence then they would be able to destroy the Angels once and for all. Sotek performs the ritual and it succeeds.

2089: Another angel is found Sebastian; he appears to be able to control Earth and is inducted into XCORE. Also some of the satellites beyond the rim mysteriously disappear.

2090: the Union is unexpectedly assaulted from all sides of the galaxy by an unknown enemy, caught completely off guard the Union rallies to war once again.

The Draken WarsEdit

2090: The Union faces war on all fronts and the bastion systems barely hold back the new enemy. The creatures the Union faced were more powerful than any previous enemy, their weaponry was thought to be anti and dark matter based and made shields and armour virtually useless, on top of this mass drivers, missiles and other solid projectile weapons didn’t work on their ships and so the Human ships which were the majority of the Union forces were hopelessly outmatched and outclassed in all areas. Also an exploration team sent to the deep space planet Tesslorah is lost rescue attempts are called off as the demand for ships is too high.

2091: Some of the bastion systems begin to fall, but the Union has still not been able to capture or examine any Draken tech, on the planet of Hadriens Hope the Emperor leads the Union forces in defence, after a week of constant fighting a being appears that represents a commander, he calls himself the Soul Monarch and proves to be extremely powerful, after the Emperor defeats him in a duel the Draken withdraw and the Union celebrates its first victory.

2092: Constant battles are fought all over the galaxy as the Draken throw themselves at the Union, their extremely powerful ships carve their way through Union fleets only the Shadows and the Phantoms have any real chance of defeating the Draken and they are stretched thin over the galaxy. Also it is made aware that the Soul Monarch is not the only Draken commander with extraordinary powers. Toxin a women who moves like a viper uses deadly poisons to kill her foe, decapitator a being slaved to the will of the sword he wills with a powerful demon inside, ravager another Talonian hunted down the rest of his race for sport and Sotek Myric’s demon who has taken up sides with the Draken. Upon hearing this XCORE redouble their efforts especially Claw and Myric.

2093: It is discovered that the Draken are the great enemy referred to by Nakai texts, the Unions morale plummets. If the Nakai couldn’t beat them how can the Union? But never the less Myric and the members of XCORE lead the way.

2094 May: the Forona incident, the bastion world is invaded by the Draken, the Emperor along with some XCORE members and some of his commanders as well as the enigmatic Wolf mount the defence, it holds just in time for Ouka and Shugo to arrive with reinforcements. The Soul Monarch reveals himself and while fighting Myric tells Myric a terrible truth, the Draken have a master who is more powerful than any angel. The Draken are defeated but at a cost. Battle fleet Scarus is completely wiped out Fororna IV is declared uninhabitable due to fallout from a destroyed ships reactor and Fororna III is left destroyed but is later rebuilt. After this Duneyer reveals that she again is pregnant.

2094 July: again like the Shadow wars the Union undertakes drastic re armament. A new mass driver round is developed that will penetrate the target and detonate within causing massive haemorrhage to the biological Draken ships. Missiles are fitted with new plasma warheads that prove to be very effective, and shields and armour are upgraded to be able to stand some chance against the Draken weaponry, and new weapons entirely are produced in order to curb the mass swarms of beasts the Draken deploy planet side.

2094 August: Intel is collected about a potential Draken staging area in the Dispair system and the Union gathers its entire working fleet to attack it, Wolf and his new unit Alpha Company are deployed to take out the system defences while Duneyer leads the fleet against the Draken. The battle is won but at a terrible cost, a quarter of the Unions fleet is wiped out, Wolf is taken prisoner by Sotek and the Dispair system is completely destroyed. But on the bright side the Draken’s entire fleet is wiped out to a man and the Uracle the ultimate ship is destroyed by Duneyer.

2094 October: Myric leads a rescue mission to the world of Larhun were Wolf is being held prisoner by Sotek, while breaking in Myric finds Wolf who was in fact breaking out, the two of them escape and Wolf knocks out Sotek, Wolf is rescued and the Union celebrates.

2094: November: Saffire daughter of the Emperor is born and there is great happiness, Myric also finds a band of lost Union soldiers stuck on the planet of Tesslorah a world of many threats, their leader Alex Drace is reluctant to join the Union again believing the Emperor to have abandoned them. Myric convinces them to join and their information on efficiently killing Draken is used to train other Union soldiers. Drace is promoted to commander.

2095 March: Safire is kidnapped from the imperial palace by none other than Sotek himself, the Union mourns for her, Duneyer locks herself in her room and Myric takes on a stressed and gaunt look, he is wounded mentally by the loss.

2096: battle of Olympus, the third biggest space battle of the war is fought and won defending the important world of Olympus. Myric himself leads the fleet, the Union suffers heavy casualties and 2 weeks later the world of Olympus is destroyed totally by Sotek. Myric is outraged at this. The Union discovers the fabled Oblivion gates used by the Nakai to escape this dimension in the Zartan nebula, surrounded by the wrecks of both Nakai and Draken ships. If only it had been discovered earlier the Union may have stood a chance. Myric orders the Oblivion gates repaired and a fleet is assigned to guard it.

2097: The Angels and the Emperor take advantage of a lull in combat to boost morale by doing a massive concert on the beautiful ocean world of Anthorsia and for 1 week the people of the Union forget about the danger they are in and the war entirely. Also the Angels find a chamber deep in the earth that is massive, they manage to enter through Myric deciphering the lock, inside they find a crystal of immense size and a golden Dragon, at first the dragon is wary but the Angels befriend it, his name is Cirym dragon of light and keeper of the dimensional crystal for this dimension, realising what the crystal holds Myric orders the room fortified with the Unions best technology and best units to guard it, Cirym agrees to help the Union.

2098: March: the Union engages Capitol ships belonging to Emperor Scar, these ships are easily destroyed and the Union carries the day. 2098: October: on the world of Galgahst Myric and Duneyer are devastated to find that their daughter Safire has been turned to darkness, she has been corrupted by Xanthos and a demon infests her soul. The two angels cannot bring themselves to kill their own flesh and blood and so fall back and let the planet fall, though they manage to evacuate all the people from that world.

2099: The Oblivion gates are re-activated and Myric and the Angels take the Interceptor through, the gates then close behind them. The Angels finally find the remnants of the Nakai, at first the Nakai are reluctant to talk with the Angels but then the Angels are bought before the council and they learn much. Myric tells them of what has happened, the Nakai already know of the events but the council refuses to come to the aid of the Union. They do however give the Angels access to the library of dreams which contains all the knowledge of creation. While discovering the future the Nakai stare in horror as Draken ships enter through the gates and start besieging the Nakai home, Myric pleads with the council one more time but before they can respond Sotek enters the council chamber. Myric tells the other Angels to leave and Duneyer refuses but reluctantly follows her husband's orders. The Interceptor escapes only to find the Union forces gone and the Oblivion gates in Draken hands. They return to earth devastated, with the Emperor gone and the last hope of victory gone the Union starts to fall apart.

2100: The Union is slowly breaking itself apart. With Myric gone the people lose all hope and many riots revolts and the like pop up on many worlds. Duneyer now in control is desperate to rally the forces of the Union together, only the Shadows, Cylaurian's and Phantoms truly appreciate what the Emperor did for the Union the rest took it for granted.

2100: June: The Emperor finds himself in a strange dimension, he there confronts the Universe again who shows him to be in heaven, the Universe refuses to let Myric leave and is angered by Myric's desire to save his people, enraged Myric uses the power of heaven itself to break out and he finds himself in the middle of a Nakai remnants ship.

2100 June: an unidentified anomaly is detected inside the sol system perimeter, the Union mobilises but is ecstatic to see Nakai ships come through the jump point. 5 Nakai ships containing everything they could salvage join the Union and to Duneyer's delight Myric appears on the lead ship and takes command again, his first command is to mobilise all forces and reunite the Union.

2101: Emperor Myric reunites the Union and draws up plans for a defence. The first part of the plan is to improve defences to slow down the Draken and buy enough time for the Union to wipe out Capitol once and for all, this way Union shipping and outlying worlds will be safe from Capitol forces. This and the fact that Myric holds a grudge against Scar that he must fulfil, the Capitol belief is also an affront to Union beliefs and in the name of people's rights an army is mobilised.

2102: The Union successfully brings the Draken to a small stalemate on all sides and the Union prepares to destroy Capitol, The Angels themselves lead the attack and Myric personally takes to the field. The home world of Capitol is besieged and its space forces are destroyed by one of the Nakai ships. The Union then invades the planet, breaking the palace of Scars defences is easy and the Angels led by Myric slaughter their way through the Praetorian Guard and into the throne room. They are greeted by the royal guard of Scar who fight fanatically to protect their lord. They are wiped out to a man and Scar try's to attack Myric, Myric beats Scar easily and kills him on the spot.

2103: Emperor Scar is presumed dead to the Union public but he is actually alive. He is kept in a holding cell and subjected to hideous mental and physical torture for 3 months. Then Duneyer begs Myric to let her finally settle the vendetta between her and Scar for what he did to her during the Civil war. Myric lets her, Duneyer then slowly dissects Scar so that he is completely separate in parts, making sure he is still alive he is hooked up to a life support machine and left there for the rest of time. To suffer the fate of the untold billions he had destroyed and enslaved. Duneyer is finally satisfied and nobody is told the truth.

2104: An experimental weapon is completed with the help of the Nakai and all the other races, this 'quantum bomb' is then deployed on the western spiral arm of the galaxy for testing, with the whole of this space full of Draken forces the bomb is detonated and the Interceptor takes up position to watch the outcome, the Interceptor has to redeploy several times to escape the blast radius and a massive chunk of the galaxy is totally annihilated. The Union is both pleased and disappointed that the bomb has destroyed so much.

2105: Many battles are fought all over the galaxy with the Draken and again the Union is pressed into retreat as the Draken numbers start to rise again. The Nakai give the Union the technology of inter dimensional travel and the Union sends off many individual ships to many different dimensions in the hope of finding new technology, allies and a home from the Draken. A small ship is also dispatched to a neighbouring galaxy and manages to slip past the Draken unnoticed. This ship is commended by a suspected Capitol supporter and so is not expected to survive, he makes contact with another Empire but information is scarce.

2106: The solar system and all surrounding worlds are fortified beyond belief; the Union defends itself from the Draken constantly trying to hold back the hoard.

2107: The Draken attacks relent and all that is left of the Union is the Sol system, this will be the last stand a fight to the last, all defences are checked and reinforced. The Union waits for the inevitable end.

2108: The Draken attack on mass, the last battle has begun. The system shield and defences hold out for 2 weeks in holding back the Trillions of Draken ships that are attacking the system. The Union forces hold out and make the Draken pay in blood for every inch of ground they take, the Union forces led by the commanders and the angels fight with the fury of the heavens and the Draken are hard pressed to break the spirit of the Union. The Draken commanders deploy and raging battles of epic sizes are fought on the many worlds of the home system. Finally the Draken attack earth and, Xanthos destroyer of Worlds and creator of darkness takes to the field himself determined to crush the Emperor himself. In the resulting conflict Claw reveals that he in fact has already experienced this all before and that he must continue to loop in time so he can protect Myric he then against Myric's demands sacrifices himself and detonates the Dark Stars singularity drive in the Draken fleet destroying billions of ships, but still they come. The Angels fight Xanthos and Duneyer is killed by him, Wolf sacrifices himself to bring Duneyer back to life and the battle rages. After witnessing the atrocities of the war and seeing Duneyer die Sotek finally realises what he is and turns on the Draken with unrelenting fury, he vows to Myric that he fights for the Union and he manages to tell Safire that he has lied about everything and that Myric is actually her loving father. Xanthos continues to destroy Union forces and even kills Cirym, Myric and Sotek know what must be done and they use all their power together, this power flow creates a feedback loop of power which in a blaze of intensely pure light Sotek and Myric banish Xanthos from this dimension, in that instant the Draken are instantly destroyed as a wave of light so pure it resembles the light of the gods of old washes over the entire dimension. The war had been won.

Aftermath: The Union rebuilt and is now stronger than ever thanks to the Nakai and the discovery of the Dimensional forge which can create worlds and solar systems, all of its races are working together to create a better life. The Union now has land and allies in many other dimensions and has vowed to eradicate all evil wherever it may be. Myric and the Angels continue to lead the way, along with Sotek and Safire who both fight for the Union now. A whole planet Remembrance has been dedicated to all those who have died in the name of peace, the planet itself is a giant mausoleum where on every piece of polished stone names are inscribed of all those who fell because of the Draken.

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