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The Flag of the Union of Worlds

The Union of Worlds is one of the largest and well known Empires in the Ancerious Galaxy. It is a renowned peace keeper and its diplomatic ability is second to none. The Union Of Worlds places honour, peace, equality and prosperity over all and its seemingly utopian society seems like a perfect place to live from an outsiders point of view.

The Union was the first to discover this new galaxy out of all the races that have made their stakes in the last few hundred years and so the Unions holding of space is one of the largest. However for an empire so dedicated to peace the Union is a very militarised nation and has a top rate armed forces and space navy to deal with threats. This is mainly because of its very long and war ridden history.

Top Information:Edit




FLAG: Shown above

MOTTO: We fight for peace, we are the light in the darkness, long live the Union!

ANTHEM: United we stand


SUB CAPITALS: Shalak, Cylauria, Relon prime

LARGEST CITY: Star City (the whole of earth)


NATIONAL LANGUAGES: English/ phantom/ Cylaurian/ other


History in the Unions Home Reality:Edit

The history about the Union of Worlds home reality can be found here: Unions Home History

History in the Ancerious Galaxy:Edit

Etymology and terminology:Edit

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Notable Places of the Union:Edit


Foreign Relations:Edit

The Unions foreign relations are second to none, the Union has vast ties to many thousands of nations outside of Ancerious and inside the galaxy it has ties to a good 70% of the nations that have settled here. Most of these are alliances however trade pacts/neutrality pacts and peace treaties are also common. It was also the Unions idea and actions that implemented the Grand Ancerious Alliance in which many of the nations have joined to become part of. Below is a list of the Unions relations with the other Ancerious Empires:


The Tenebrae Collective: Close Ally, Trade pacts, joint military ventures and large intergration

The Spartan Infinite Empire: Close Ally, Trade Pacts, Joint military ventures and small intergration

SSC: Ally, Trade Pacts, Joint military ventures

Ancerious Sicarii Order: Close Ally, Joint military ventures

Interstellar Covernanted States: Close Ally, Trade pacts

Mars Empire: Close Ally, Trade Pacts, Joint military ventures

Interstellar Republic of Sinagpore : Close Ally, Trade Pacts

Carnaith Omniversal Empire: Close Ally, Trade Pacts, Joint military ventures

The Nex : Close Ally, Trade Pacts, Joint Military ventures

Trinovian Kingdom: Ally, Trade pacts, Joint military ventures

The Ostech Combine: Ally, Trade Pacts

The AIs: Ally, Trade Pacts, Joint military ventures

The Adectu: Ally, Trade Pacts

Vitasi Hive Mind: Ally, Trade Pacts

The Eramon Empire: Close Ally, Trade Pacts, Joint military ventures and Large intergration

NUSSR: Ally, Trade Pacts

Phoenix Imperium: Close Ally, Trade Pacts, Joint military ventures


Immortal Empire : At War

Flux Ascendancy: At War

Capitol: At War

Shadowblade: At War

The Shadow Guard: At War

Eos Consortium: At War

Unnamed Empire: At War

Norman Empire: At War

Empire of Atlantis: At War


Draken Hoth Republic: Neutral

SHEATHES-10: Neutral

United Frontiers: Neutral

The Drakes: Neutral

The Coaliton: Neutral, Trade Pacts

Grand Droid Empire: Neutral

7th Legion: Neutral

Triarch Industries: Neutral

Halcyon Dynamics: Neutral, Trade Pacts

The Reclaimer Empire: Neutral

Sepratist Union: Uneasy Peace

United Kridor Federation : Neutral

Wolf Federation: Neutral

Nuke'Em Civilisation: Neutral

Raa: Neutral

Theonin Divine Order: Neutral

Cryonians: Neutral

Unitary State of Mineva: Neutral

Military Power:Edit

Union Navy Core (UNC)
Union Navy core symbol

Union Navy Core Symbol

: The Union Navy Core is the Unions space born navy and responds to all threats in space. Made up of ships from each of the Unions races as well as the Unions own made ships the Union Navy Core protects the Union from space borne aggressors or helps destroy the enemy space forces for a ground attack or otherwise. The UNC was formed just after the Interceptors first flight though it was originally called the CNC (Coalition Navy Core) It was renamed after the Fall of Scar and has been defending the Union in space for centuries.

Union Planetary Forces Core (UPFC)

Union Oceanic Core (UOC)

Union Air Core (UAC)



Worth 2.35L per £1.00 or 3.00L per $1.00

The central bank gives everyone a set amount of lessium per month to spend on goods and other materials, borrowing and trading are frequent and many prosper from this if an individual gets too rich the bank simply subtracts your money or if one becomes too poor they will receive plenty of money, so everyone is equal. Money is electronic and everyone has two microscopic chips in their neck and hand which contain all money data, simply scan your hand or neck over the item to buy it, this can also be tracked allowing for stolen goods to be returned.

Science and Technology:Edit

Races of the Union:Edit


HUMANS: are the most numerous and provide good work in all areas of the Union, hardworking and loyal.

SHADOWS: make extremely good guards and combat melee troops, not totally integrated into the Union but still considered a member, there are still a lot of secrets that they hide...

CYLAURIANS: second numerous make excellent pilots and work well in all areas apart from industry involving heavy building. Very loyal and have a good outlook, carefree and happy.

PHANTOMS: make excellent engineers and builders; provide a lot of technology and materials to the Union as a whole. Care free but quite shy.

TITANS: make good industry workers especially heavy transportation. Typically reclusive and do not make much conversation

ELISIUM: make excellent bureaucrats and politicians, typically very laid back and like to drink and throw parties.

NAKAI: ancients, bring many new things to the Union only 2000 of them left. They have great knowledge and awesome technology. Typically isolated.

JORGAL: good trade partners and they produce a lot of trade goods and the majority of the Unions material.

OTHER minor races


Atheist, open religion is banned in the Union for the fact that it has caused 2 civil wars and millions of deaths through terrorism and wars. Also the fact that religion has been proven wrong as a whole makes people more aware of the universe; there are those who though are fanatics and keep harassing the Union through terrorism and religious brain washing of young people.




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