Union Navy core symbol

Union Navy Core Symbol

The Union Navy Core (UNC) is the Space military branch of the Union of Worlds and stands bulkward against threats from space as well as supporting any military actions against other empires. The UNC is absolutely huge and no official number of its size or forces exist, only extremely rough estimates. The UNC has a major prescence in Ancerious and helps the Union keep the peace as well as spread its influence throughout the galaxy. And are not afraid to enter the fight.


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Notable ActionsEdit

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Union Uniform

Union Rank Uniforms


Ensign: The lowest rank in the way to admiralty, the ensigns are generally the ships staff can can be assigned to any section of the ship. Those without an assigned section are generally still in training and all ensigns must complete a round of at least 3 different sections over the course of this position. After this has been done they can then either join one of those sections to rise in that area or be promoted to lieutenant.

Lieutenant: The second lowest rank, Lieutenants are generally in command of ensigns and oversee their training in the certain areas, they also make sure the Ensigns are an effective group at what they do, Lieutenants can also command certain ship areas and are assigned a group of Ensigns upon promotion to oversee. If the Lieutenants do their job well they may be promoted to commanders. 

Commanders: Commanders encompass a large area of the command chain. A ship may have several commanders who act as the captains aid, commanders may also take charge of entire sections of the ship or may act as other assigned roles if needed. Many end their command chain climb with a Commander status for it is a very good role and garuntees a good standing. Some commanders are quite renowned in the Union and even though it is a 'low position' is seen as great esteem. However Commanders who show the right stuff will be promoted further to Captains. 

Captain: The position of Captain affords the person in question with a ship, this ship generally starts out as either a Corvette or a Escort. If they further themselves in this rank they may be allowed to command a cruiser or Heavy cruiser (or even a carrier or another specialised class) again many end their career here and many even like to command the smaller ships of the fleet. However if a Captain proves themselves capable they will be promoted to Captain 2nd class. 

Captain 2nd Class: The position of Captain 2nd class opens up the command of battlecruisers upwards, and permits the person in question to command a fleet of ships. The individual must be very good at commanding to be in this role as they will have to command fleets of up to 100 ships in battle scenarios. If the person in question again proves to be an exceptional commander at commanding large numbers of ships they will be promoted to fleet captain. 

Fleet Captain: To be a Fleet Captain the person in question must be adept at commanding large numbers of ships and is typically given command of a Union battlefleet. Numbering around 1000 ships they have the honour of bringing the Unions power to bear against enemies and in circumstances where they prove themselves worthy may even be given command of a Lancer class Dreadnought from which to lead from. After a very long and illustrious service they again may be promoted to Admiral. 

Admiral: An Admiral is given control over a number of battlefleets and a portion of space to keep in check, this means defending any worlds under attack, fighting off pirate raids and even defending it from full blown war. Admirals are seen as very wise individuals and usually have over a century of fighting under their belts, they also do not shy away from taking to the field themselves often in either a dreadnought or super dreadnought. Admirals are also given command over new exploration expiditions into new dimensions or galaxies. And if an Admiral advances even more he may become one of the 10 Admirals of the Fleet. 

Admiral of the Fleet: To become an Admiral of the Fleet you must have stared death countless numbers of times, commanded thousands of ships in combat and overseen many wars in the Unions name. They must understand politics and the workings of every class of Union ship inside out. These men and Women can tell the tides of battle with but a glance, there are only 10 Admirals of the Fleet and are all currently embroiled as master commanders in the Nakai war, working alongside the Angels and the Emperor in a bid to stop the ancients advance. 

Special Operations Commander: There is no way to 'officially' be promoted to this rank, the Special Operations branch only recruits those it likes and so some captains are in fact spec ops captains without others knowledge. However to be a commander is to be the master of a stealth network, and a hard job indeed. Only the Admirals and some fleet captains know who really is part of Special operations and so its generally a large secret.


Engineering Section: This particular Section involved anything to do with keeping the ship running, and repair. Engineers help run and maintain the ships various systems and keep it in tip top shape. Engineers also perform battlefield repairs in the heat of combat to keep the ship going. Engineers are widely praised and have a reputation as oil covered grease monkeys. Engineer: The lowest rank of the Engineering section, these are the Engineers themselves and comprise mostly of ensigns assigned to engineering duties and those who have a knack for the Engineering profession. 

Chief Engineer: These members command and oversee groups of Engineers and generally keep the ships men and women mechanics organised and running in top order, as well as making sure everything’s aright and all the paperwork is sorted. 

Head of Engineering: The head Engineer of the ship and the one that keeps the Engineering and repair department in shape, he runs all the sectors of the ship and generally has a dab hand in everything. Its also a frequent occurrence for the head engineer to suggest things to the captain and for the captain to accept advice from the head engineer. However these individuals are not afraid to get dirty and fix things themselves.   

Communications Section: This section encompasses the sending and receiving of communications, with orders, home messages and intercepting and decrypting enemy signals. As well as translation and other signal issues. The Communications section isn’t that large only up to around 20 individuals on a cruiser size ship however is an important section. 

Communications Officer: Those responsible for keeping an eye out for communications, as well as logging all incoming and out coming traffic using a special system. They also monitor the Union command grid for any beacons or distress calls. Its a very intense job however the coms AI helps with this area.

Chief Coms Officer: The few individuals in this role oversee the Coms officers and make sure the more important messages are seen, as well as help translate any alien language and help relay any important information back to high command. And forward any necessary data to the Head of Communications.

Head of Communications: One of the Captains main aids and the one who calls out any incoming calls or messages of note, as well as notes anything of interest, they also help keep the ships coms system running at top capacity.  

Armoury Section: This section is in charge of the ships weapon systems and maintaining the ships ability to dish it out in a fight. This section also is the main section to deal with boarding parties and all members are trained marines as well as those that keep the weapons operational. And so they are generally well respected. 

Rating: These men and women are in charge of keeping the various weapon systems of the ship in top notch by replacing any burnt out rails for Mass Drivers, or any clogged focusing array on a Laser Projector. They are also geared for ship boarding warfare in case of boarders. 

Gunnery Officers: These men and women command groups of ratings. There is generally a Gunnery officer and 20 Ratings to each weapon emplacement, there they can keep it in top shape and repair it quickly if anything goes wrong. They also have access to the ships small arms amoury to distrubute weapons to the crew in case of bording. 

Head of Armaments: The commander of all the Gunnery crews and the person who also holds one of the self destruct keys along with the Captain and the Chief of Defense Systems. He is the one who has to keep the guns working and in good order in the middle of a battle and also oversee all weaponry logistics for the ship.

Medical Section: Tasked with keeping the crew in good health and healing any injured personnel in combat, This section also looks after mental well being and has a variety of treatments for any ailment or injury, they are a very important part of the ship. 

Medic: Medics provide all sorts of needs throughout the ship by healing any wounded or providing counselling for mental needs, they can also provide surgery and are cool headed under pressure. Anybody on a Union ship is guaranteed the best medical care and Ship doctors are some of the best around. 

Chief Medic: The Chief Medic keeps the other medics in line and often oversees a group of medics. The Chiefs are still medics overall and so get just as stuck in as the others, however they also provide more advanced surgeries or treatments due to their experience. They can also provide these in the middle of combat. 

Chief Medical Officer: the Chief Medical Officers keeps the whole medical section in top shape and oversees all of the logs and medical logs of the crew members, and alerting the captain or staff to any problems a particular crewman might have. Its a tough and stressful job but well respected and the Captain frequently sees the Medical staff are given extra rations or leave when able.   

Navigation Section: Tasked with navigating the ship through space as well as driving it the Navigation section must make the best courses to take using maps and starcharts as well as keep the ship moving correctly in the heat of combat. It is a small section but important none the less. 

Helmsman/Navigations: These men and women steer the ships they pilot and also plot courses for the ship to take, its a hard job and those that do it well are well rewarded, however many break under the pressure of steering calm in combat. 

Navigations Officer: These oversee the Helmsman and Navigators and make any course corrections the lower ranks might of missed, they also alert the captain of any navigational anomalies or impacts that might effect the ships path and influence the ETA of the ship. 

Chief Navigator: All the Navigation plottings and helm moving go through this person and they correct any errors or make adjustments where needed using their huge amount of experience, they are also an aid to the captain as they can easily pick the best route and identify any dangers on the way. 

Defence System Section: This section oversees the ships defence systems such as the shields, armour and point defence. They carry out any adjustments and call out needed repairs to the engineers. Their job however is made somewhat easy by the ships AI but human interaction is a much needed proposition.

Defence Rating: These men and women look after the various shield generators and point defence weapons about the ship and keep them in working order, they also make sure any damage sustained is quickly repaired and in a situation where the AI goes down can manually restart or control the systems.

Defence Officer: Like the Gunnery Officers the Defence Officers oversee groups of Defence Ratings and make sure everything runs smoothly with the defensive systems of the ship. 

Chief of Defensive Systems: the person in charge of ship defence is situated on the bridge and calls out shield levels and armour integrity relayed to them by the Defence Officers, they also make sure all the defensive systems are working properly and make routine inspections of the armour too. 

Logistics Section: The Logistics section takes no part in the combat elements of the ship and are a background section with a large amount of personnel. They are the ones who are the chefs and transporters and those who keep the most basic elements of the ship running, who stock up on supplies at dock and who make sure everyone’s on board, they are also called the admin Section as a nickname. 

Logistics Ensign: These men and women are responsible for cooking, cleaning and general transport around the ship, they keep the less military aspects going however without them the ships couldn’t run. However they do have military roles and are trained in combat if boarders were to make an attack.  

Logistics Officer: Tasked with taking on and keeping logs of all the ships supplies as well as keeping the Logistics Ensigns on track these officers form the backbone of the ship and with their co ordination allow the right tools and supplies to be ferried around to the right place, they are often widely respected for their high importance jobs. 

Head of Logistics: this rank denotes the person who is to run all the logistics of the ship, and who works very closely with the Logistic Officers to keep the ship in working order, they tally with crew rosters, supply orders and also many other minor occurrences and needs that have to be addressed. The Head of Logistics also keeps close ties with the captain to notify of any supply problems.  

Attack Craft Section: Not on every ship but on those of Cruiser and Upwards. These sections are the fighter and bomber pilots who fly into battle to cripple enemy ships or to defend their own ship from enemy attack craft, they work very closely with the Engineers and Logistics who act as deck crews to repair and rearm the craft they pilot. 

Pilot: these are the men and women who put their lives at risk by flying their Firestorm Fighters and Eagle Eye Bombers into the heart of the combat and who take down enemy craft and ships as well as defend. Each ships pilots are well known and well respected and many earn nicknames and reputations, also Fighter appearance customisation is widely accepted and leads to many interesting stories and occurrences all which bond the crew closer together. 

Squadron Commander: These men and women command squadrons of attack craft pilots into the fray and take orders from the captain and Ship Ace to then implement them in the combat scenarios. They are also very capable pilots themselves. 

Ship Ace: The overall Attack craft commander for the ship, they have proven themselves a capable commander and also a top rate pilot, they tend to pilot a red craft to denote their status, this is risky but proves their skill when they come back alive. They tend to formulate plans and work closely with the Gunnery Officers to co ordinate ship fire with Attack craft strikes.   

Stealth and Intelligence Section: This section covers sensors and stealth system control on the entire ship and the men and women in charge have to keep a constant look out on the sensor systems to notify of any new threats, as well as keeping the stealth and ECM systems engaged to help stop enemy targeting. 

Intelligence/Counter Intelligence Ensign: these men and women keep an eye on the many sensor systems to detect any enemies or anomalous signals in sensor range using the dimensional sensor suite. They also help keep the Stealth systems up and running to help obscure the Union ship from enemy fire and detection. 

Intelligence/Counter Intelligence Officer: These men and women oversee the sensor systems and make sure anything of note get flagged for the higher up officials and to be explored and friend or foe acknowledged for the ship AI. 

Head of Intelligence Systems: The main officer to maintain the sensor and stealth systems of the ship this Head of the section calls out sensor returns for the captain on the bridge and show any anomaly or piece of data which pertains the captains attention. He also oversees the stealth systems which conceal the ship and keeps them in top condition.

Military ForcesEdit

Union Anchor class render Kerkythea

A Union Anchor Class Interdictor

The Union Navy Core uses a wide variety of Ship Classes to give it an all round and overwhelming attack power to rival any other nations space navy. Here are the various class of ships of the Union from smallest to Largest:

Bullet Class Kinetic Kill Vehicle

Arrow Class Corvette

Arcover Class Cylaurian Missile Corvette

Atlansar Class Cylaurian Missile Escort

Razor Class Escort

Dagger Class Missle Escort

Bodkin Class Heavy Escort

Spearfish Class Skia Rapid Escort

Kunai Class Light Cruiser

Or'Xa Class Nakai Corvette

Ulthuin Class Cylaurian Light Missile Cruiser

Falchion Class Light Carrier

Dart Class Cruiser

Anchor Class Interdictor Cruiser

Dauntless Class Bombardment Cruiser

Scalpel Class Repair Cruiser

Victorious Class Heavy Cruiser

Anerion Class Cylaurian Missle Cruiser

Warstar Class Skia Cruiser

Anarthi Class Cylaurian Missile Carrier

Nova Class Carrier

Reaper Class Skia Carrier

Pilum Class Battlecruiser

Devastator Class Skia Battlecannon

Ferrum Class Battleship

Or'Yoss Class Nakai Cruiser

Or'Yinan Class Nakai Bombardment Ship

Quarrel Class Fast Battleship

Tethulas Class Cylaurian Missle Battleship

Banshee Class Skia Battleship

Lancer Class Dreadnought

Destroyer Class Skia Dreadnought

Ulamis Class Cylaurian Missile Dreadnought

Union Class Super Dreadnought

Or'Dainen Class Nakai Battleship

Or'Keres Class Nakai Carrier

Ur'Racle Class Nakai DreadStar

Man'O'War Class DreadStar

Experimental Ship Designs:Edit

These are Experimental Designs, either not yet in service, awaiting feild testing, failed designs or one off ship classes:

Rapier Class Laser Cruiser

Broadsword Class Plasma Cruiser

Piercer Class Frontal Attack Cruiser

UNCS Spear of Destiny Cylaurian Battleship

UNCS Interceptor Emperors Flagship

UNCS Dark Star

UNCS Nighthawk

Hybrid Dual Nations Designs:Edit

These designs are Dual Nation designs which have been jointly made by the Union and their close allies, these ships mount technology from both Empires and are mostly experimental however many are frontline active warships and the dual technologies make them feircesom opponents indeed.

Unity Class Carnaith/Union Stealth Corvette

Repulse Class SSC Loaned Light Carrer

Onyx Class Nex/Union Light Cruiser

Suma Anthropogentica AI/Union Battlecruiser

Endurance Class Spartan/Union Battleship

Transire Class Tenebrae/Union Battleship