Mineva flag

The Flag of The Unitary State of Mineva; the winged spear.

The Unitary State of Mineva is a late appearance in the Ancerious Galaxy. The USM's presence in Ancerious is very little, only spanning nearly a dozen systems. The nation itself is actually quite old, presently lacking its former power after the escape and rendezvous from the Milky Way Galaxy.

Now locked within the Ancerious Galaxy, the nation is planting roots and looking to make relations. The USM is a highly militaristic state, holding honor, justice, and nobility in the highest esteems.


As a prosperous superpower within the Milky Way, few other nations could contest their power. Only one empire could step up to the plate; the Galactic Human Council. The Council were a nation of racial purists, looking to wipe out the Minevans as a detestable species and to be uncontested as the dominant galactic power. A long, bloody war was initiated, nearly costing both sides everything they had.

The final major battle of the war was the Council's siege on the Minevan capitol. Horrendously outnumbered, the defending Minevans managed to drive off the invasion at the cost of the majority of their space-based forces. Most government and military leaders were slain in the battle, including the Regent. Under the quick wit and prowess of the new Regent, Akari Reiko, the USM was able to cripple Council ground forces and scuttle their flagship. Over the next month, the USM gathered everything that they could now that nearly all of their homes were destroyed and there was no place left in the galaxy for them. With completely randomized jump vectors, every Minevan left their home galaxy and history behind in search for a new home; one where the Council would be unable to follow them.

Notable places of the USMEdit

Athens- The Minevan capitol planet set in the Enenra I system. The capitol city is Weltschmerz.

Alpha Ceti V- Fringe colony. Very dangerous wildlife along with indiginous alien tribesmen that constantly clash with settlers and military expeditions. Scouting and excavation parties have discovered ruins that date back millions of years ago of unknown origin. Several intact relics and artifact have been recovered.


Unitary State, Dictatorship, somewhat Liberal.

The state is headed by a single Regent, who holds absolute power over the government and its people.

The Regent is the highest official, appointed by a 95% majority vote of HiCom and judged by military experience, political aptitude, and economic knowledge. If the current Regent passes away and there is no proper consensus on a successor, the title passes down to the current Regent’s eldest child. Otherwise, a Regent must step down for a new one to be appointed. Every major province is represented by a single Adjudicator. Any province newly founded will be supplemented by a new Adjudicator slot in HiCom.

While some rights are reserved by HiCom, the government itself tries to let its people live as freely as possible while retaining its dominance as a military state.

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