Sicarii flag by mijity-d6x6wgy

Flag of The Sicarii Order

=====Political Information=====
Type Of Government  'The Circle'Edit
'Leaders': The Four Grand MastersEdit

The Sicarii Order is an ancient race that is said to be around since the birth of time itself however due to the elusive nature of the order itself many over races believe that the Sicarii itself is just a myth to keep bad men away.

However the truth of the matter is a lot more prominent, The Sicarii are very real and their order is tasked with the huge responsibility of safe guarding the entire universe.

Sicarii TimelineEdit

Before time began there were two entities, Umbrea and Xanthos in other words Ying and Yang, good and bad and light and darkness.

The Universe created four beings in order to keep the darkness in balance, these four beings are known in many different cultures however there was a fifth that was created before the four but he was deemed to powerful so the universe sent him to the darkness' domain 'The Abyss'. The four knew of their brother and will one day retrieve him from the abyss. The four are known and have been given names and these are as follows:



The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Despite these names throughout history their goal was set in stone but as time went on they grew weary of the corruption of their creator, They know if the went to battle that it would be in vein so the four created a being that could overcome Umbrea and Xanthos if needed be and that being is known as Xephis and he inherited all of the powers of the four.

However the four knew that they had to hide Xephis from the true gods so they wiped his memory and left only the glowing symbol of the four on Xephis' left arm in hope that he would unlock the path to his destiny.

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