7th legion flag

The halcyonic 7th legion clan's emblem. The 7th legion clan's emblem is that of the old halcyonic empire itself, before it's fall and slumber. The icon, in itself, has several means. That of a wound. That of an alliance. That of a cross-reliance. That of precision. Calculation. Geometry. It can be interpreted in many manners. All which related to the 7th legion clan as a whole.

The 7th legion is a clan - a wide family of families. Their society and culture is based on symbiosis, selflessness, and familial care. Their communities are divided in self sufficient cells, which in turn are part of larger bodies which are all centralised to the 7th legion's core. The 7th legion, in society, are based on an armed, benevolent, familial and meritocratic communism, where tasks are not done for ones' self, but for everybody else.

The Halcyonic 7th legion:Edit