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The Cryonian Council of Liberty Symbol and the three dots that surround the crescents label the other three councils

The Cryonian Council of Liberty is a organisation and army of Cryonians that was created to house and protect life. The Cryonian Council of Liberty is the most safest place in Cryonia and the biggest building in Cryonia.

During their encounters with some races in Ancerious Galactic, their main goal is to protect Ancerious Galactic and their allies from greater foes such as The Chronovoid and The Nightingale Army and have been proven to protect the allied race from such horrors .

Basic Information Edit

Name: The Cryonian Council of Liberty

Date of Founding: 100 million years ago

Majority Species: Cryonian, Eradian, Conglomerate Nightingale

Culture: Cryonian and Primordian

Flag: See in top right corner

Motto: In Cryonia, we trust one another and like one another

Anthem: In Cryonia

Capital City: The Southern Cryonian Ultra City

Sub Capital Cities: Light City, Zalgura City, Regenal City, Gyrads City, Daryuo City, Darude City and Freedom City

Largest City: The Cryonian Ultra City

Official Language: Cryoniaish and English

National Language: Primordian, Nightingalien, English and Cryoniaish

Government Type: Equalitarian Monarchy

Military Power Edit

In the Current Era in Ancerious, There are these types of categories that The C.C.O.L has:

Cryonian Navy Core: The Space side of Cryonia

Cryonian Evolvement Space Marine Program: Where they grab selected highly experienced soldiers and train them to be Space Marines, the best of the best in The C.C.O.L

Cryonian Oceanic Core: The Sea side of Cryonia

Cryonian Army Core: The Land side of Cryonia

Races of The Cryonian Council of Liberty and Cryonian Colonised Planets Edit

Cryonian: A highly intelligent, tall avian, dinosaur, humanoid alien race that is the main species of Cryonia, they are extremely excellent in making power armor, weaponry and shielding

Eradian: A highly intelligent, anthropomorphic cephalopod alien race that are excellent in making camouflage and clothing

Nightingale Conglomerate: A highly intelligent, four legged split jawed dragon alien race that are excellent in making immunizations and magic

Primordials: A extremely intelligent alien race that are extremely excellent in making technology.

The Cryonians had colonised planets, some are which smaller and larger than Cryonia. Here is the list:

  • Deus
  • Terronda Prime
  • Helion V (Smallest Cryonian Colonised Planet)
  • Eta Orellious III
  • Solaria
  • Diophantus
  • Orh'neon Prime
  • Vordanius
  • Gamma Noxus II (Biggest Cryonian Colonised Planet)
  • Elysium

Religion Edit

They believe in fair fights, freedom, love and care for one another and have respect for others around

Science and Technology Edit

Cryonians use energy for ammuntionn

The Cryonians were gifted with Primordial Technology which The Primordials were some of most advanced races in the universe

The Primordials gave them Cryanium which is a substance that can render any metal virtually indestructible and with the substance they used it on everything metallic. Works extremely well on power armor

They also gave them a machine where they can create life on any planet though that machine is buried under The C.C.O.L HQ

Economy Edit

Cryonian Capital

1 C.C = $1.00

Eg. 10 C.C = $10.00

The Cryonian Race Edit

Kalzash or known as Cryonians are an avian, dinosaur humaniod species.

These species display a strong, sturdy skeleton with hollow bones that are able to make the species more lighter. They also have hexaintermediate fast twitch fibers which make them oth resistent to fatigue and are able to produce low level contractions and excel in producing quick, powerful bursts of speed. They also display great knowledge in technology as it is one of their strongsuitss. They are also intelligent as they can solve most problems without any assistence. The Cryonians evolved on a planet with extreme gravity, to resist these effects, evolution gifted them with tough bodies and organs to resist such a pressure, giving them the ability to freely operate in High G environments however anything more than their normal gravity tolerance and they will suffer the same effects as other creatures.

Cryonians are resilient as they can spring back into action quickly. Their chest is made out of combined ribs which is difficult to break, very solid. Their bones are hollow like a bird and with those hollow bones, they makes the cryonian lighter and more agile than a creature with no hollow bones.

Southern Cryonians live up to 5000 years

Northern Cryonians live up to 4200 years

History Edit

100 million years ago- C.C.O.L was formed and Primordials created The Cryonians

50 million years ago- Cryonians dominate Cryonia and make it habitable

10 million years ago- Cryonians split into two species: Northern and Southern Cryonians

80,000 years ago- Northern Cryonians have a hatred for Southern Cryonians because of the way how their opinion was not respected.

60,000 years ago- The Great Feud began

51,000 years ago- The Great Feud ended and peace is settled for both species, Nitrox Erydvanu ( he was a solider back then, he had gained Immortality from saving The Northern and Southern Cryonians )

10,000 years ago- The Nightingale Army discovers Cryonia and wages war

3000 years ago- The Nightingale Army is winning the war

Year 2014- The Primordials gift The Cryonians the most powerful power suit

Year 2022- The Cryonians win the battle

Year 2300- Nightingales regroup and attack Cryonia again

Year 2550- Cryonia and Primordials join together to fend off the creatures

Year 2998- The C.C.O.L finds Leonidas Zephyr'os and turns him into The 2nd Master Armor Bearer

Year 3000- Cryonians prevented The Nightingales from activating A Primordial Super Weapon and destroyed it

Year 3500- The Great War of Cryonia begins

Year 4000- The Cryonians win the war again

Year 5500- The Nightingale Conglomerate forged and made an alliance with The C.C.O.L

Year 5600- The Chronovoid War begins

Year 5900- The Chronovoid is defeated as well as destroying the dimension they were in, Leonidas Zephyr'os had gained Immortality.

Year 6075- The Cryonians defend Eradia 12 from Forsaken and Nightingale Armies

Year 6300- Leonidas Zephyr'os and The C.C.O.L had defeated The Nightingales and The Forsaken as well as saving Eradia 12 with The Eradians

Now- Cryonians encounter Ancerious Galactic with some allies that they met in there

( The Cryonian Wars continued until the year 60,000 )

Trivia Edit

  • This race belongs to my game I'll make someday called ' Chaos '
  • Cryonians have brittle bones, their very hard but can break easily so evolution made them a bit harder to break.
  • Cryonians have a great deal in using Aura power to communicate with nature and sensing the future, they can only do this only for a short time
  • Cryonians make excellent architects, chefs and soldiers
  • Cryonians are a very peaceful race
  • Cryonian feathers are so soft and small, that only tweezers can pluck them out