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The flag of the Tenebrean empire as a whole. The twelve sided star Representing the Tenebrean races movement into a colonizing empire with the launch of twelve colonization fleets to establish their hold on their home system as a space fairing race millions of years ago.

The Tenebrean Collective, a Council based Collective, is one of the older empires to colonize the Largely unknown ancerious galaxy. located in the upper right quadrant of the galaxy. Their territory is bordered on one side by the Empires of the Union of worlds, as well as the Drakenhoth Republic, and is linked to both via Tower FTL routes. they are known for the seemingly archaic aesthetics of their construction, as well as their use of Versus/Aural energy based systems and refined technology.


A humanoid race, with physical appearance's close to that of humans. the Empire of the Tenebrae collective is a council based collective system similar to that of a council based republic, and is one of the oldest races in the ancerious galaxy. With a history to their civilization that goes back nearly 2 million years. although their central civilization and government was rebuilt following several collapses. Their home world is the semi-tropical Super-earth known as Tenebris-888. while their Capital within the Ancerious galaxy is Exceion III in the Exceion system within their territories.

The Tenebrean Collective is a council based republic system of multiple semi-independent pseudo empires and species united under a single government council of the primary Tenebrean race. Although each smaller empire within it possesses their own form of government. With each member empire nominating members of their race to serve as a council to represent them and their interests, With the heads of said councils acting as their species diplomat within the central Tenebrean Council. this system, although sometimes confusing, is usually buffered and runs smoother with the assistance of AI-based Entities that are created from the psyche of the individual council members, which assist in making council affairs and debates run smoother by providing middle grounds and acting as a logic foundation for their choices and disagreements.

Each council member for the different races is put in place by members of the particular species or faction of their species that they represent among the central council. while the government of their own empire maintains internal affairs and operation, albeit with some Tenebrean oversight.

while the different races of the collective vary. The Tenebreans, who stand at its center, are a very philosophical,curious, and sometimes obsessive or jaded people. The movement of progress has always been a major drive for the Tenebrean race. who view space as an almost endless frontier. Although several points in their ancient and recent history has taught them that There are much darker aspects and inherent dangers to it as well. initially having evolved from canid race on tenebris-888 in the whirlpool pending a massive climate and geographical shift. their race eventually reached civilization on their planet. slowly developing technology and complex infrastructure as three primary civilizations.

later the discoveries of relics and technologies on one of their moons from a much older race allowed them to achieve extended space flight. a later resisted attack by a then hostile Stromian realm hunter fleet forced them to expand their empire from there in an effort to match the older, more aggressive races own sphere of control.

as such, the Tenbreans are a war hardened race and, as a result. have impressive defensive technologies and relatively strong fleets with seasoned tactical commanders. Recently, this aspect has came in much use during their first decade of colonizing the Ancerious galaxy, when they suddenly came under an unprompted attack on their capital system by a human empire known as the immortal Empire for reasons unknown to them, dragging the collective species and empires of the Collective into a drawn out war between the two, known among the other empires of the galaxy as the First Ancerious war.


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B/A "Before ancerious colony empire:Edit

pre-space flight:

pre-industrial empires

industrial empires:

Early space age/uncovering ruins:

Stromian systems war/multi-system expansion:

venator conflicts:

Systems Civil war, independence war:

Schapper first contacts:

Second Stromian war:

The three empires:

Stromian skirmishes, ceasefire:

Leh,thanian realm, Horu system:

Convergent years:

The Calvara:

Rahdonian first contact:

Rahdonian uplifting, Azernex, Tenebrae conflict:

The Aberration:

The Wars of corruption:

The Infernuii,engineering dominus:

Fall of the VehRah nomadic empire:

The Turning points:

The dominus Legions:

The Wars ebb:

Fall of the aberration:

The reconstruction:

The Azernexian decay:

The Dominus purge:

Fall of the Azernexian empire:

The Tenebrean age:

Union contact:

The Aberrations Re emergence:

D/A "During ancerious colony empire:Edit



First Expansion of territory:

DHR first contact:

First contact with other empires:

Colony empire:

obcasio established:

Second Expansion of Territory:

Natza kartania incident:

Azernexian ruins:

Exceion seige/vexation:

1st Ancerious war:

Cultists rising:

1st Galactic conference:


Tau Volaris:

IE occupation:

Etymology and terminology:Edit

The Tenebreans, While human in their overall appearance. Utilize an ancient system of phonics and terminologies that differs hugely "If not entirely" from most human developed systems and adjectives to describe objects, situations, and locations. As well as the more simple context of conversation,  Being of a tiered phonic nature, a single sentence may contain entire paragraphs of speech layered within it.

While the utilization of the True Tenebrean codex would result in the sentence being largely illegible to most human factions, even with complex translation devices aiding in translation. The Tenebreans have taken to utilizing a Rough form of pseudo language That can be easier understood by their allies and their methods of Translation.

A list, containing the simpler and more Essential terms utilized in communications with allies, has been provided in the link below.

Notable Places of the Tenebrean empire:Edit

Tenebris-888: The home world of the species within their own Galaxy. Tenebris-888 is a Super earth possessing a strong tropical climate. It is considered bt the Tenebrean species to be the cradle of their civilization, which began over 2.5,000,000 Terran years ago.




Exceion II - III :

Natza kartania:


the Deep zone:


Foreign Relations:Edit

Military Power:Edit


Science and Technology:Edit

Races of the Tenebrean empire:Edit

- Tenebrean: Edit

The primary race of the Tenebrean Empire. The Tenebreans are a humanoid species with a build similar to that of humans, But with differences in facial, internal, chemical, neural, and some physical features, notably in the form of exterior bone structures on their torsos and limbs. A larger race with a greater natural longevity then Humans. most Tenebreans stand from 7 to 9 feet in height, and often posses Multiple augmentations.

- Calvara: Edit

A skeletal, bio mechanical/metallic Race native to the Territories of the Tenebrean empire. The Calvara are the result of Extensive use of the Versus Tool that most members of the Tenebrean collective are augmented with. Anchoring their vital aura to a physical form that would continue to function after organic functions within said form ceased. Calvara are the re purposed bone structures and bio mass of the individual that was wearing a Versus tool when they died, forming bio metallic physical forms that allow the individual to continue living and operating, They have been observed to be able to survive in environments that would normally kill most organic species. such as pulsar systems. Which they have been seen to colonize to an extent. Edit

Because of this process, Calvara are not truly a species as much as a State of being. And often take on different physical forms and sizes based on the species that was wearing the versus tool when their original bodies ceased to function.

- Human: Edit

Members of the Homo sapian race, Humans began to migrate to the Tenebrean empire not long after the Two races made contact with one another and formed relations. the most notable human race being the union of worlds. But with others coming from groups such as the DHR and other multi system spanning civilizations. As such, the Sight of humans and human built vessels among Tenebrean Colonies and Territory have become common.

- RahDonian:

- RohNah:

- Drakka/AuRahvian:

- Leh,thanian:Edit

- Stromian:

- Hiemalis:

- Cacean:

- Horu:

- Schapper:

- Dominus- "Rare/Extinct":

- Venator- "Rare":

- Silent one:

- Infernuii- "Extinct":Edit





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