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Spartan Infinite Empire

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the origins of the Spartan Infinite Empire (SIE) are shrouded in mystery. some sources claim they were birthed from the ancient Spartoi, a race of intergalactic knights who battled the apocalyptic forces of the Cybernoids astride thier nova-dragon battle mounts.

other sources say they are the descendants of Leonida's ancient Spartan empire, the Earth power that grew to be the savior of Humanity in the dark days of the Nightside wars.

in either case, records are sketchy, with much data lost in the subsequent wars and invasions the empire has overcome to cement itself as a galactic superpower.

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Sparta's central world and Largest City are both located on Sparticus Prime, located near the center of SIE territory. home to over a trillion of the Empire's citizens, coming from al species that encompass the SIE, the planet teems with light, sound and warmth, especially for the masses of troops returning from the battlefront.


Sparta is recognized as a major military power, and the galactic powers at large acknowledge and accept Sparta's openly Fascist status. the authority is with the Military and the high command.

while some freedoms are curtailed as a result, Sparta is not overly oppressive. the masses at large accept the status quo, and are bound by their status as enlisted personnel of the military to obey the orders of superior officers. 

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Spartan culture of course is centered around the nation's military: all citizens, regardless of race, faith or culture, are required to perform compulsory military service. for six months of the 12-month year, all Spartan citizens must be rotated into front-line units, protecting the borders of the Empire, or responding to "hot-spots."

as a result, Spartans are not known for long lives or permanent marriages. many citizens marry two or three times in their lives, with resultant children legally members of each familiy connected to their parents.

Spartans consider themselves sexually liberated: heterosexual and homosexual relations, as well as interspecies, are fully legal and recognized by the government. while not all relationships produce heirs, Sparta is not one of the nations that demands "children for the war effort," as it's massive popoulation and use of bio-robots for large-scale operations means this is not necessary, and would in fact become a drain on resources.

Spartans are also known for thier tolerance of other cultures, regardless of race or creed, but are known to have littl epatience for bluster, conceit, or large egos. they are renowend for their skills in hand-to-hand and Melee combat, and for thier famous durability and endurance. Spartans are capable of surviving conditions that would leave most humanoids dead from exhaustion or exposure. they are also known for their immunity to psychic powers, a trait engineered and inbred due to the horrific casualties of the Psychic wars.



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