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Governmental structure and society Edit

7th legion governmental system: Halcyon 7th legion administration layout: The 7th legion is a halcyon clan - a family of families. All of these form the population of the 7th legion, and range of many species, breeds and backgrounds. The 7th legion is divided up as follows: Cell: The 7th legion's "cells" are self sustaining small settlements or cities, be it planetary, or orbital. Organ: A gathering of self sustaining cells, typically a planet comprising it's multiple cities and settlements Body:

A gathering of organs, the entire 7th legion Head-cell: The 7th legion citadel, which is able to colonize worlds, and which is a space faring, self sustaining gigantic space structure.

A cell is created when the legion creates a community. They deploy all the required facilities, and resources h remains cost effective. The cells are built near bodies of water and minerals, which are the main resources halcyons require - matter conversion is possible, but mining the materials directly if possible is more effective. And water is required throughout the society (from personal hygiene, usage, to farming) as well as the construction and power generation (their cold multi direction micro fusion reactors employ hydrogen isotopes for fuel, which are easy to produce )

Each cells are built following a template, which can be adapted for the environment or occasion but the administration behind it typically remains the same. Each "cell" has a patriarch and a matriarch. The patriarch and the matriarch are the "managers" of the "cell", behaving as "mayors". The patriarch and matriarch each deal with separate tasks, which are then sorted down to "hands", halcyon administration workers, who deal with the paperwork. Typically, a halcyon administration makes extensive use of mind machine interfaces to speed up data processing and efficiency.

Each cells are required to look out for their own selves. Each cells respond to their "organ", which has a patriarch and matriarch, which, just like for the cell, deal with specific tasks. Typically, the "organ" patriarch and matriarch are the one who set up the production/training facilities and expectations of each cells, as well as making sure everything is running effectively. Each "organ" has their own military and defence force, and each "organ" follows their orders from the "body" of the clan - in the 7th legion's case, the citadel of Atlantis, where a Patriarch and Matriarch lead their people. The Organs also manage the surplus of resources where a generous amount remains within the "organ", which can provide it to the cell which requires it for function - for example, extra food supplies during times of drought. The halcyons do not have an actual internal "economy" to call their own, but typically follow the idea of atom economy - due to the way their economy, itself, is set up. Each halcyons are given the task they will excell at, or that they have chosen to train for. Halcyon citizens are not given the opportunity not to work if there is work -

All halcyons receive the exact same amount of credit (which is a large amount, considering their huge resource generation and construction rates in comparison to their population), but halcyons who do not work (which is extremely rare) of their own accord are not supported by the halcyon community, and even expelled, given just what they need to survive temporarily. Halcyon cells are typically absorbed by other cells, or moved at other positions when they cease to be self sufficient - which typically takes a long time due to their heavy use of environmentally friendly technologies and renewable use of farming and energy - where the cells of an organ will relocate and move around when needed, giving the organ's territory time to recover if necessary - granting a huge efficient and healthy use of territory. Most of the halcyon materials for construction, however, come from either space mining, or "dead planet" mining, where the cells only relocate when there is no more resources to be obtained in their areas.

By keeping most of the excess resources within organs, the 7th legion can quickly set up project in a wide variety of places, and have stockpiles of a wide variety of resources in a huge amount of places and in huge amounts, instead of centrally. Furthermore, while the citadel is the current "head" of the 7th legion, the loss of it would quickly be responded by the next, most tactically placed organ, which is also where the replacement citadels would be built.