Or'Kais Nakai corvette

Ship Conflict

Overview: Although all Nakai ships can potentially be used as unmanned drones the Or’Xa is the largest dedicated Drone craft. Usually accompanying Or’Yoss cruisers and larger the Or’Xa is a defence screen but one that packs a deadly punch. Armed with only Quantum Firebolts and a centre lined QAC cannon the Or’Xa can destroy larger ships at will making it a very powerful escort. Unlike other races corvettes which are made to deter attack craft this role is left to another ship the Or’Bran which is based on the Or’Xa and is also unmanned. Together these craft will take fire for their mother ships and return fire with deadly effect.

Armament: The Or’Xa mounts a front mounted centre lined QAC cannon fed directly by its Quantum core. This is also backed up by an energised Quantum Firebolts hull. The Or’Xa also if necessary will ram enemy ships if the situation demands it. For the Or’Xa is expendable, the other Nakai ships are not.

Quantum Accelerator cannons work by firing a moderate power laser (moderate by Nakai standards anyway) into a quantum infusing chamber. This then infuses the laser with quantum energy, only a minute amount is needed. The beam is then fired out of the focusing array in a golden lance, this lance if it contacts an enemy ship will transfer as much energy as a super nova into the targets shields or Armour. This often spells complete destruction for the ship and any other ships nearby. Though powerful the QAC cannon lances are relatively slow firing but the Or'Dainen class's 90 more than makes up for that.

Quantum Firebolts: Quantum fire bolts on the other hand are completely different. Using the ships very hull the hull can channel energy to one spot which it can then fire off in a 'pulse' similar to plasma weaponry but far more powerful, these bolts can easily take out most ships in 2 to 3 hits and overload most forms of shields and completely bypass conventional Armour thanks to the super-heated and energized nature of the fire bolt itself.

Defences: The Or'Xa class mounts a hull made up from Athena lattice of around 3mm thick. This metal which isn't technically a metal (it is unknown exactly what Athena is but its atomic structure is not wholly in phase) and is able to completely turn aside all damage apart from Phasic attacks, which can semi bypass the Armour, Athena can also be destroyed by repeated shots from extremely powerful weaponry, aka QAC cannons or Draken Anti/Dark matter bolts. The Or'Xa class also mounts 2 Nakai shield generators; each generator can absorb a nova’s worth of energy. Together they make a shield which is pretty much unbreakable unless overwhelmed with sheer firepower of an unbelievable scale. These shields also exist in every dimension making any shield bypassing weaponry or phase weaponry useless. The Or'Xa also mounts very tiny quantum Beam guns, these are very small QAC cannons with a higher RoF which can destroy any missiles or attack craft near the ship. All Nakai ships also have a secondary shield generator that cannot be used in conjunction with the first though if necessary can both be used for around 2 minutes. This shield is an Event Horizon shield. Any enemy ordnance or attack that targets the ship will be located and the generator will create a mini black hole to absorb the shot stopping it altogether, while incredibly effective with material weapons Phasic weapons bypass this and so the normal shield is generally favoured.

Power plant: The Or’Xa uses a Nakai singular Quantum Core which harnesses the power of a naked singularity. This output is truly titanic and can power the ship for ever as there is no need to refuel. The energy from the singularity is so powerful a special quantum relay had to be produced to bring the energy into a stable useable form. For if this energy was used straight away into say the QAC cannon the gun would overload and the energy would escape, turning the ship to atoms.

Electronic capabilities: The Or'Xa is run by a Nakai dimensional computer, this oversees and runs the ships systems, while the crew can focus on more important tasks. This computer can also hack enemy ships. Some races use very digital communication and command gear, this between the ships while against normal enemies proves brilliantly for command and control. But against the Nakai this is yet another way to exploit. The Computer will access the enemy ships computers and completely destroy them, control them, or disable them. These hacking instances prove fatal and against Nakai ships enemies have learned to turn off their computers and revert to manual control over their ships only.

Crew: The Or’Xa like Nakai attack craft is completely automated and contains no quarters for crew.

Attack craft: Or’Xa is not equipped with Attack craft launchers and so relies on other Nakai ships to provide attack craft cover.

Speed and engines: the Or'Xa is equipped with Nakai pocket dimension jump drive tech which works by artificially creating an pocket dimension in the void, which the ship jumps to, then it re plots the desired location in any dimension or universe to jump to. This is 100% accurate and only takes around 6 seconds though the energy requirements are huge. Normally the Or’Xa uses its normal sub-light engines to travel at speeds beyond what conventional escorts travel at.