Onyx class

Ship Profile

Overview: the Onyx class light cruiser is the venture between the Union of Worlds and The Nex, and is the product of both nations creating a hybrid ship. The Onyx took many months to even start on the design as much technological problems had to be overcome. Mainly the total difference between the two races technology. However these were overcome and the design then the construction started. With the making of a new substance which is a cross between Quantum Lattice and Diamantide the role of the Onyx was agreed upon as a long range fast hitter with unrivalled defence. This meant the Onyx was designed to take hits from enemy ships and after the initial testing was found to be almost totally immune to energy weapon effects, requiring kintetic impact damage to do anything. With this being made the Onyx has solidified the new alliance between the Union and the Nex.

Armament: The Onyx class mounts a small but incredibly powerful weapon emplacements. Mounting 2 Diamantine Torpedo launchers and 2 Phase missiles launchers the Onyx class is designed to fly around the enemy while launching waves upon waves of missiles into them.

Phase Missiles: these missile launchers on the sides of the Lancer have been recently upgraded with Phase missile technology, this works by the missile before hitting shields or armour phasing out of synch with this dimension and rematerializing inside the enemy ship causing massive damage and means the missiles can’t be defended against easily. These launchers provide extreme range fire and have Nano assemblers to eliminate the need for resupplying.

Diamantus Torpedoes: One of the most powerful Nex weapons the Diamantus torpedoes do not use kinetic impact or warheads but instead a payload of corrupted Diamantide. This crystal has been corrupted by a sort of virus understood only by the Nex. On contact with other matter the Diamantus rapidly grows, it feeds off energy and so on contact with an enemy ship will grow at a very fast rate. The enemy will then be faced with a choice, power down all systems and yield to the Nex or have the crystal grow to a point where, like the Shard Cannon rounds, It explodes violently. Though this time a ship covered in this crystal that explodes is all but destroyed as the entire ship is decompressed as the hull merely disintegrates. Defences: The Onyx class is completely unique in its armour and defences. Much research was made between the Nex and the Union into the ability to merge both the Nex signature Diamantide crystal and the Unions signature Quantum lattice armour. After months of research a breakthrough was made, the result was a crystalline compound called Quantum Quatro Silica. This substance merged both substances attributes. The Onyx is all but immune to energy weapons, meaning only physical impact damage actually does any damage. This and its armour can self repair at a very high speed. The Onyx class is designed to take hits like a tank and still operate at peak speed due to the light weight of the material. Unfortunately making this material requires huge effort and so it will only be rarely available. The Onyx class also mounts a joint CIWS mounted all over the ship. This system is made up from numerous point defences consisting of small laser projectors, cascade cannons and miniature missile launchers as well as small Prism and Shard cannons. Together these destroy incoming missiles and fighters, on their own.

The Onyx is not equipped with shields. Power plant: The Nex do not use reactors. Not in the conventional sense. Quantum Quatro Silica itself produces energy, low levels but as the entire ship and most things in it are made from the crystal this power supply is pretty much endless. The ship can then distribute the energy where its needed, to power weapons, engines etc. These systems can be increased in combat but at a cost elsewhere. As the energy flow will always be equal boosting say weapons means other systems start to lose power and vi ceversa. In this respect Nex captains are masters of knowing when to give and take power away from systems, however the ship also mounts one TPC Zero Point Module AX-5 unit to overdrive certain systems if needed and provide additional power. Electronic capabilities: The Onyx is run by 2 Mark 5 AI systems one for targeting and combat and one for overall control. These AI systems are semi sentient and can hack enemy ships. When a AI gets hacked it immediately either cuts the lines so the enemy cannot access or deletes itself and the intruder with it. The Onyx is also linked to the Union computer and so can access data when needed; it also is linked to the rest of the fleet in a tight information grid. The ship also contains one dormant Nex AI which when scenarios require can take over. In the case of solely Nex used ship this AI will control the ship and the Union Ais will be dormant. Stealth wise the Onyx constantly runs a very basic sensor stealth field, this field while not effecting light effects spectrum scans and conventional sensors. While not totally making the ship invisible this obscures the ships form and position leading to an increased ratio of missed shots and wrong moves. A full Displacement unit can be installed for true stealth missions if needed. Crew: The Onyx carries 200 personnel to run the ship. These are a mix between both races however some ships carry 100% of either. Attack craft: The Onyx does not mount any hangars and relies on other ships to provide attack craft cover. Speed and engines: The Onyx is very fast able to reach 0.86 light speed on sub light engines and also mounts a Union slipstream drive for FTL capability.