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The Military Banner is commonly used to represent the entirety of the military, sometimes the central government and is hoisted in times of war and campaigns.

Commonly referred to as the IRS or Singapore, the Interstellar Republic of Singapore is one of the many nations and factions in the vast Ancerious Galaxy. Located at the Lower Right Quadrant of the Galaxy, South East of the Golden Expanse, the IRS is one of the few nations far from where most nations are at the Upper Right Quadrant and has only a few neighbours, though it is connected to the Union of Worlds via FTL routes used for trading. Characteristically and physically isolated, the Singaporean nation is not well noticed by many and is mostly uninvolved in galactic matters, though recently it has begun a military build-up, participated in its first war in the Uprising Campaign on the side of the Allied Coalition and attended a few galactic conferences.

Singaporeans do not hold strong to broad ideals such as universal justice and peace, and rather place their ultimate devotion to Patriotism for their own nation. They are fiercely committed to "the defence of the Singaporean Identity, the Singaporean Land, the Singaporean Citizenhood and the Interests of their nation". As such, this grants them numerous psychological advantages whether in battle or otherwise and also the ability to quickly raise a willing army from the local population in the defence of the nation. This makes them highly reluctant to be involved in other nations' affairs and wars, believing that their resources are better used for their growth, security and progress, usually only intervening or participating in other's conflicts for the safety of their interests.

Basic InformationEdit

Name: Interstellar Republic of Singapore

Singapore flag

The National Flag of the IRS, the venerable original Singapore flag, which was chosen by Autarch Ayman to represent the values and spirit of his homeland, the island Singapore.

DATE OF FOUNDING: 2053 (Official IRS), 1965 (Singapore)


CULTURE: Diverse and rich with both old cultures from Earth as well as newer ones developed off-world. Singaporeans, no matter what world or what tradition, are characteristically nationalistic and hold their loyalty to their nation as the ultimate purpose of their lives and are devoted to the service of Singapore. It is this patriotism that binds the vast intergalactic nation together.

FLAG: The National Flag (shown right) and the Military Banner (above)

MOTTO: Majulah Singapura, Kekal Setia! (Onward Singapore, Forever Loyal!)

ANTHEM: "Majulah Singapura" (Song here:


SUB CAPITALS: ORSETT Exopolis, Mars, Venus


NATIONAL LANGUAGES: Malay, Chinese, Russian and Tamil.

GOVERNMENT TYPE: Socialist Constitutional Autocracy, one party dictatorship bound by an established national constitution.



There are always two Autarchs, and they are technically equal in rank. The Autarchs have supreme authority over all aspects of the IRS, all from its political, social and economic sectors. They are supported and also kept in check by three Sections of their Directorate which are Central Command, Council of the Poeple's Greater Common and the Internal Security Bureau.

Autarch: Ayman Bin Abdul Rahman

Autarch: Huang Jia Li, Michelle

War Marshall of Central Command: Zyan Mustaf Viskifli

Chairperson of Council of the People's Greater Common: Zhang Chung Jin, Joshua

Commissioner of Internal Security Bureau: Karl Frynrich


Culture and PeopleEdit

Government and PoliticsEdit

Science and TechnologyEdit

Though not as advanced as other factions, the IRS does have its own feats in the fields of science and engineering. They are most notable for their large industrial powerbase, enabling them to effectively mass produce almost about anything the IRS needs from crops and food, domestic household products and the standard military hardware, in a relatively short period of time. However industrialisation is not the only thing the Singaporeans have to offer. They have a strong understanding of genetics and can create some of the most effective medicine or the deadliest bio-chemcal weapons, as well as harnessing the power of nuclear fusion in the form of Tokamaks powering entire megapolises and space stations, and compact Plasma Thermo-Generators for airborne propulsion and vehicle engines in some of the IRS's most advanced vehicles. Their FTL isn't too bad either, with the use of Hyperspace Portals for their ships' instantaneous travel in their own territories as well as outside of it as well as for their intergalactic communications. 

Some Notable Examples:

Nuclear Fusion: After many years of research and innovation, the Singapore Nuclear Energy Commission (SNEC) has drastically improved the IRS's nuclear fusion reactors, increasing the total energy output and reducing the required input needed to start the fusion process. Its basics remain the same; it uses hydrogen gas as fuel and superheats it until the atoms are able to overcome the repulsion force and combine their nuclei together to form helium. In the process, a large amount of thermal energy is released which are then collected and used to drive dynamos and produce electricity. This technology has been applied to many of the IRS's devices, from the Tokamaks powering entire megacities, large installations and space bridges to the production of plasma for powering advanced equipment and vehicles, and weapons such as Plasma Cannons and Repeaters found as turrets mounted on military ships or terrestial vehicles. Nuclear Fusion has also been used for the IRS's newest weapon system; the Nucleonic Blast Imploder which can be found on the Hellhound Heavy Tank. It works by gathering a small amount of Tritium fuel and superheating it to fusing temperatures, and then encasing it in a bubble of stasis to pause the reaction. Launched out via electromagnetic propulsion, once the bubble hits a surface and ruptures, the fusing of Tritium immediately follows and causes a small but devasatating thermo-nuclear blast that destroys the target outright.

Etherium Photosynthetic Electricity: In the 2060s, IRS expeditions were involved in a bitter war against the advanced human forces of STIG over the control of planet Krajj, where the IRS expected to obtain the famed Etherium bacteria. The war ended in a stalemate and they were able to extract and use the properties of the alien bacteria for power generation. These microscopic lifeforms convert light energy into glucose and excess was converted by the bacteria's organelles into electrical charges which are discharged out of the cell via 'Conducting Spikes' foun

d on the cell membrane. These charges are then collected and stored in a storage battery for later distribution. This technology is cheap, environmentally friendly and effectively replenishable compared with other sources of energy. Etherium is used as a power source to complement Nuclear Fusion, as well as powering military vehicles and mobile bases.

LUCIFER Virus: The LUCIFER Virus can trace its origins from a bio-weapons lab in Egypt, as a prototype created by the UN's Anti-Terrorist Organization in 2029 to make supersoldiers. Ayman and his team, who were in the service of the Taliban, caught wind of the ATO abducting some townsfolk and went to the lab to investigate. However the virus went out of control and subjects were transformed into mutated walkers, who killed and infected the personnel present in the facility. When the squad infiltrated the facility, they had to fight off the walkers and managed to escape with samples of the virus. Kept in cold storage, it was only until 2049 when it was thawed out for study and development of biological weapons. Aiming to further perfect the virus and alter its otherwise violent effects on humans, the task of creating a new strain was on the shoulders of Dr. Petrov and his team of biologists and virologists. The project took 6 years to successfully complete and the new virus was designated as LUCIFERS, with the supersoldiers injected with it known as Lucifer Mutants. The LUCIFER virus basically infects the host's cell and takes over its nucleus, rewriting the DNA and RNA to suit its needs. It will then rapidly undergo cellular division and infect other human cells. Eventually every cell of the host becomes what we call 'Viral Cells', cells which have both access to Human and the original LUCIFER DNA and RNA. The modified nervous system will signal the Viral Cells to readapt and reform a humanoid body, with enhanced organs and a metallic-like skeletal structure. With their Virus-like body cells, Lucifers can consume living beings to sustain their health, take their memories and also take over its physical form provided it is not too small or too big for its biomass structure to handle. They also have superhuman strength, reflexes and agility, and can transform any part of their body into deadly weaponized appendages, especially their limbs. Lucifers have near-invulnerability and bullets can easily pass through their body without much harm. They also can take some explosions before needing to consume more biomass for recovery. Thanks to the huge amount of genetic research gained from the study of the virus, the field of medicine advanced greatly with more understanding of genes and the ways to manipulate them to serve their needs.

Hyperspace Networking: After the War for Earth ended in 2054, the Joint League of Nations (JLN) was restructured into a single national entity under the newly appointed Autarch Ayman, who decided to name the new nation Interstellar Republic of Singapore (IRS), after his island homeland. After crushing nationalist resistance in occupied former-nations and setting up Area 01, the Autarch commissioned his best scientists to devise a way of faster space travel. The scientists worked hard on this, and eventually found a way. By tearing apart the fabric of space-time with an overly-unstable ion, Hyperspace, a realm where matter existed in a constant high-energy state and everything travels at superluminal speeds, could be accessed. The team eventually found a way to produce a field that can protect objects from decaying in Hyperspace and conducted the first tests. 20 grams of protected iron was successfully 'transfered' from a station in Africa to another in Russia. Further tests were done, 'transfering' larger objects and eventually living things from one point to another through Hyperspace. This led to the development of the first space ships and Hyperdrives, marking the first step to the space age for the IRS. More followed and the IRS became a successful space empire, with megacities developed off-world and abundant stock of resources, all connected by a network of set Hyperspace routes which was frequently used by both commercial merchant vessels and military naval fleets. This technology has also been used for inter-galactic communications, by sending radio-signals through Hyperspace and relying on the realm's properties of superluminal speeds for instant reception. 

Gravitational Field Manipulator: GFM Emitters produces an energy field that 'repels' the gravitational force acting on the vehicle, allowing for levitation above ground and even flight. This technology can be found on board both civilian hover cars and military vehicles such as the Stinger Speeder and the Hammerhead Hover MLRS. 


The IRS's economy is mainly self-sufficient, with domestic trade between its colonies as the largest contributor of the economy. This domestic trade relies on a cycle where primary industries export their bulk goods or raw materials to 'Distributor' corporations who then refine them into what kind of products they want and then sell them either directly to the consumers, or to  other smaller businesses. The government then taxes the profits and contributes the money to their National Budget, which some of it are used to provide funding and grants for the primary industries. The cycle then continues again. However this does not include some very specific industries, such as the Military Production Sector, which are directly overseen, funded and regulated by the government.

However, around 25% of the economy does compromise of foreign trading. The IRS (conservatively) imports all kinds of things of interest (especially for study and reverse-engineering) from its allies and eagerly sells their goods and services to them in exchange.

Such goods include raw materials, construction materials, and agricultural and industrial machinery. The IRS also exports some of its weapons to lesser-developed races. Notable examples include their plasma rifles which they sell to the lesser races of the Coalition of Empires. The fact that they are cheaper to obtain and manufacture in large numbers allows the receipents to overlook the better quality of plasma weapons from more advanced races, particularly the Krons.

Services include merchant shipping, spaceport services such as repair and refueling and granting licenses for using IRS technology.  

However due to the anomalies casued as Hyperspace physics struggle to integrate in the strange galaxy of Ancerious, many of the supplies coming in from the home galaxy have been delayed. This brought about some changes to the economy of the IRS Ancerious colonies, as they rely more on foreign trade with their allies, such as the Union, for the things they need such as machines, crop seeds and construction materials. 

Military PowerEdit

The IRS fighting personnel measures in the trillions, with many of them hailing from hundreds of different worlds in its borders. Though racially, culturally, religiously and in some cases, physically, diverse, the successful propaganda efforts of the government to instill nationalism in every colony and ensure loyalty to a single central power has made it possible to unify all of them together under a single banner, and so far only a few cases of acts of intolerence have occured. Combined with the mandatory military conscription of healthy 18 year olds, at any point of time the IRS can call upon a very large army to defend its interests and protect its territories.

Archer II (remake) blank

Archer II MBT

While not technologically advanced, the IRS make up for that with larger numbers, sheer patriotism and firepower. Very often Singaporean troops are deployed in the battlefield in enormous numbers, with swarms of infantry and countless brigades of heavy armor making up the main attack force, the Military Juggernaut. Supported by aircraft, they strike the enemy after the opening artillery barrages have passed, wrecking havoc as they finish off the surviving elements. When fighting in the tightly packed streets, the Military Juggernaut breaks up into smaller more manuverable fireteams as they hunt for hostiles and push towards the objective, often surprising an overconfident commander who expected to fight a large inflexible and slowly moving force. As the main attack force keeps the enemy engaged in constant combat, engineering elements set up outposts and landing areas to provide additional reinforcements and supplies to keep the operation going, while elite commandos and auxillary forces flank the enemy and conduct assaults on their assets, be it their units or military bases to weaken their power. As the battle drags on, as more IRS forces are brought into the fray, and as they continously strike at their supply lines, the enemy would find themselves exhausted and would be eventually be crushed, with IRS emerging as victorious.

The IRS Central Command is responsible for the overall command and deployment of the IRS's military forces within and outside its borders. It is spilt into main branches of the Army, Air Force, Oceanic Command and the Navy. IRS territories are organized into 'Administerative Zones' which are generally the size of a solar system, and Central Command employs a High Commander to each Zone to manage his/her military forces in the protection of the Zone. A High Commander is also responsible to raise a local regular military force from the population and once a Zone has reached the state of Advancement, the High Commander must also establish a tithe of forces under the Zone's own Mobile Interstellar Rotation Army (MIRA) for exo-systemial military shipment on a cycle of two years if not engaged in war. MIRA forces are utilized for reinforcements, offensive operations on foreign territories and assignment to colonial or military expeditions.

The Army is compromised of military assets, namely regular infantry and land-based armored vehicles, deployed on the planet surface to either defend Singaporean territory or secure and occupy enemy areas in offensive operations. It is responsible for training and facilitating the bulk of Singaporean soldiers and provides protection to facilities and installations on ground. It works in conjunction with other branches for support and deployment.

The Air Force provides both inter-atmospheric and outer-atmospheric aircraft support, with a fleet of multi-role fighters, interceptors, bombers, dropships and starfighters under their command. Lending air support to forces on ground as well as naval vessels in outer space, the Air Force is important to any campaign as it ensures dominance from the above. It also lends its transport vessels to ferry supplies and fresh troops and maintains its own specialized corps of commandos who are well trained in both atmospheric and orbital drops.

The Oceanic Command seems to bear little relevance in the era's space warfare and is mostly limited to its local oceans for oepration. However, it is still vital to Singapore as it keeps watch over maritime security, ensuring that its fleet of warships guard Singaporeans from foreign invaders coming from the sea and seaborne pirates and insurgents. It also helps the Air Force in facilitating their aircraft on carriers for power projection as well as transporting Army units across the seas.

The Navy is perhaps the largest branch, with its massive manpower base utilized to man large hulking spaceborne warships and large amounts of military resources gone to maintain them. Their armada of space warships, from the smallest escorts and frigates to the largest battleships and destroyers, guards the vast outer space within Singaporean territory from foreign invasions and space piracy preying on Singaporean merchant fleets. Other than protection, they are the ultimate power projectors, ferrying with them to battlefields far from home entire armies and the massive supplies to sustain a war effort. They also carry with them fleets of aircraft, using them to support troops on ground and engage enemy spaceborne assets.

Standardized Inventory for the Army Edit

Infantry Small Arms:

  1. P96A1 Service Pistol
  2. T05A2 'Thundercracker' Service Revolver
  3. SMG-M01 Machine Pistol
  4. SMG-M02 Submachine Gun
  5. SMG-M03 Personal Defence Weapon
  6. S35A3 'Strassbolt' Assault Rifle
  7. SK-99M 'Tranov' Bullpup

Infantry Precision Weapons:

  1. S55A2 Designated Marksman Rifle
  2. EM18A3 Battle Rifle
  3. KnM-Model 45 'Panther' .55BMG Sniper Rifle
  4. KnM-Model 33 'Matchmaker' 7.62mm Sniper Rifle
  5. KrV-90 'Zeus' Sniper Railgun

Infantry Grenades:

  1. HEG-78 High Explosive Grenade
  2. HEG-78AT Anti-Tank Charge
  3. HEG-78MAT Magnetic Anti-Tank Charge
  4. AKEL-45ATM Anti-Tank Mine
  5. AKEL-45IM Anti-Infantry Mine
  6. HEG-55S Smoke Grenade
  7. Merkava Industries EMP Grenade Model 7
  8. IG-M99N Napalm Grenade
  9. IG-M99TB 'Thermoblazer' Fuel-Air Grenade

Infantry Handheld Explosive Launchers:

  1. HRL-M85M 'Sidewinder' Rocket Launcher
  2. HRL-M83M 'Boomer' Handheld Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher
  3. AGL-40A2 Semiautomatic Handheld Grenade Launcher
  4. NKM Type 90 'Thumper' Compact Rocket Launcher
  5. NKM Type 104 Portable Micro-Rocket Rifle
  6. NKM Type 88 Portable Mortar

Infantry Machine Guns:

  1. SWL M75A3 Light Machine Gun
  2. SWL M76A3 'Ultimax' Squad Automatic Weapon
  3. SWL M77A5 Heavy Machine Gun

Transport Vehicles:

  1. YB-1 'Lion' Armored Personnel Carrier
  2. YB-2M 'Saladin' Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  3. KM-89 Medium Armored Gun Striker
  4. KM-70M 4x4 'Reaper' Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  5. Type 37 Transport Truck
  6. Type 59 Heavy Duty Truck
  7. Merkava Industries Anti-Gravity Utility Vehicle Model 8
  8. Type 12 Armored 4x4 Light Attack Vehicle
  9. Type 09 Fast Attack Vehicle


  1. M99A4 'Archer' Main Battle Tank
  2. M110A1 'Archer II' Main Battle Tank
  3. SLT-01 'Zero' Light Tank
  4. SLT-04 'Cody' Light Tank
  5. M77A2 Gatling Gun Vehicle
  6. M74A3 'Jockey' Advanced Light Tank
  7. Type 15 'Tyrant' Heavy Tank
  8. Type 770M 'Mjonlir' Mobile Fortress
  9. Type 115 'Hellhound' Advanced Heavy Tank
  10. Type 30 'Laser Tank' DEW Weapons Platform


  1. M37A2 NOAH II Self Propelled Howitzer
  2. NKM Type 50 200mm Gun
  3. NKM Type 55 150mm Burst Gun
  4. M22A4 MLRS Tracked Vehicle
  5. Type 73 Light MRLS Vehicle
  6. NKM Type 52 Portable MRLS Platform


  1. Type 40 Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
  2. Type 40-DEW-1 DEW Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
  3. Type 40-SAM-2 SAM Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
  4. Type 12LAA Light Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
  5. Type 12SAM Light SAM Weapons Vehicle
  6. Type 12DEW Light DEW Weapons Vehicle
  7. HEKL G90M2 'Hawkeye' Portable AA System

Mechanical Automaton Weapons:

  1. HEKL/MI AW1 'Monitor' Light Scout Autoframe Walker
  2. HEKL/MI AW2 'Warrior' Mainline Combat Autoframe Walker
  3. HEKL/MI AW3 'Fire Rain' Long-Range Artillery Autoframe Walker
  4. GENEVA G-33A 'Striker' Mainline Combat Battleframe
  5. GENEVA G-34 'Armageddon' Long-Range Siege Battleframe
  6. Type 990M 'Apollo' Heavy Weapons Trackframe
  7. Type 975M 'Mars' Combat Trackframe

Standard Inventory for The Air Force Edit

Jet Fighters:

  1. JF-3T Jet Trainer
  2. KF-5M 'Tigeress' Light Tactical Jet
  3. KF-77M 'Paladin' Multi-Role All-Capability Strike Fighter
  4. KF-95M 'Paladin II' Multi-Role All-Capability Strike Fighter
  5. KF-98MU 'Koroska' All-Capability Interceptor
  6. KF-97A4M 'Dagger' Starfighter/Heavy Interceptor


  1. KB-67MU 'Angsana' Tactical Bomber
  2. KB-71MU 'Caliph' Heavy Tactical Bomber
  3. KHB-57MU 'Sky Fortress' Heavy Bomber
  4. Type 111 'Nighteye' Stealth Tactical Bomber
  5. Type 222 'Vindicator' Stealth Heavy Bomber


  1. KHG-66MU 'Dominator' Strike Gunship

Foreign Policy and RelationsEdit

Presence in AnceriousEdit

The Interstellar Republic of Singapore is not native to Ancerious and hails from a different universe. Its presence in the Galaxy is as an IRS colonial territory under the direct control of Central Command and the Autarchs' Directorate, meant to establish Singaporean presence in the area, expand their borders and gain control of new resources and opportunities all in their favour. Originally starting out in the Karvoskaya System with a relatively small amount of military and colonial resources, it has expanded given time to become a large Colonial Territory with 30 solar systems under its control and Karvoskaya as its Central System where the primary colonial governance resides. Though much can be credited to excellent management of the Karvoskaya Administeration and the strong will of the Singaporean settlers, it was also due to the large amount of investment placed by the central government in the IRS's home universe that allowed the colonial territory to rapidly advance compared to standard colonies, allowing it to achieve Advanced status early and boster a powerful military force consisting of both local armies and reinforcements placed on exo-systemial rotation supported by a stable and solid military industrial capability.

Military Power in AnceriousEdit

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