IE Flag

The flag of the Immortal Empire. The Overlord's eye surrounded by twelve stars, each representing one of the Regions that make up the empire.

The Immortal Empire is one of the largest factions present in the Ancerious Galaxy, with roughly three times as many worlds as most nations. These worlds come not only from the successful conquest of Cerebian space, but also from a clandestine alliance with the Flux Ascendancy. This has gifted the empire with an abundance of resources.

Due to its head strong approach, the Immortal Empire is often seen as a threat to many of the galaxy's inhabitants. Despite the empire's willingness to conquer, its goal is not the subjugation of the galaxy, but rather a stable home for its citizens to reside in. The war with the Tenebrae Collective, which sparked the First Ancerious War, was the empire's first attempt to achieve this goal.

Basic InformationEdit

Date of Founding: 2032 A.D.

Majority Species: Human, Cli'sorr, Amood

Minor Species: Cog, Drake, Furr, Urdont, and various other species

Culture: Culture varies slightly from planet to planet and varies quite a bit from one Region to the next, but as a general rule the people of the Immortal Empire will often act without contemplating their actions. They are eager to fight among themselves and with others, although they rarely if ever fight to kill. They are never deterred by any problems they see as they see them as minor inconveniences that can be overcome with nothing but will and effort.

Motto: "The past leads the future and the future pulls the past with it. The past and future intertwine forming a double helix that shall bring about our full potential. The universe is but a stepping stone on this, our path to true immortality."

Anthem: De nocte usque in aeternum

Capitol: Sabatonne

Sub Capitols:

The Dragon's Keep


Kempo the City of Knowledge





The White City



The Red City

The Lions Den

Largest City: The Dragon's Keep

Official Language: English

National Languages: A majority of Earth languages, Binary Chant, the various dialects of Clisorrn, Oomish,


The government of the Immortal Empire is a Democratic Feudalism. The Council of Thirteen lays down laws, enforces those laws, and reviews disputes that may arise between various governing bodies.

Lords own and care for their territory. They are responsible for raising and supplying their own military and will often work with various private corporations to achieve that. They are in charge of how their territory, often referred to as their hold, interacts with the holds of other lords. The lords oversee their territory and work with barons to ensure that their populace is at once productive and happy or at the very least content.

Barons are in charge of administrating no more than one thousand systems and brings what they deem to be most important to their lord's attention. Each system is governed by a System Administrator. Planetary Governors control planets.Planets are split into various sections, the size and number of which are determined by population density and other major geographic features. Each of these sections is represented by a Senator. A senators' job is to represent their planetary section to the governor, proposing laws, exceptions, and projects that would help the people of their section of the planet, but might not be beneficial or could even be harmful to those on other parts of the planet.

City mayors work with a council and various other local officials to ensure that their cities are fully functional.

Judges are present throughout the system and review government officials and new laws to ensure that everything is within the confines of the law laid down by the Council of Thirteen.

All government officials hold their positions for life but can choose or be chosen to take on a new position. Civilians are also capable of removing an official from office via a vote if they determine that individual isn't doing their job properly or is abusing their power.

Military PowerEdit

The Immortal Empire has a central military force consisting of their most advanced technology and best soldiers. This force answers directly to the Council of Thirteen and no one else.

The lords are required to build and supply their own military forces and those that fail to do so, or do a poor job of it are removed from all government stations and replaced. One of the results is that the martial forces of each lord is quite different and will often times incorporate different tactics and even different levels of technology.


The Immortal Empire uses a free market system base around a currency called Byyts, with one byyt being worth 1/4 of a cent. It isn't a 100% pure free market as the government imposes rules and limitations on what can and can not be sold. Things like biologically engineered creatures are okay to sell as long as it meets several minimum requirements to ensure it isn't a potential threat to the entire population of whatever planet it is going to call home. Selling something like  a clone of a sentient being is explicitly forbidden.

The government also sets a standard minimum wage. The minimum wage isn't absolute however, and can be worked around. Provided that both parties, the potential employee and employer, agree on a wage that seems fair for the worker. In addition the government sets minimum safety requirements to keep their population from accidentally killing themselves or each other with standard household appliances.

Religious BeliefsEdit

The Immortal Empire believes in freedom of religion. So no religion is banned and many old religions from Earth can still be found in the empire along side the religions of those that have either willing joined or were conquered.

However, there are limits in place to prevent any ‘holy wars’ from breaking out. In the empire’s history there has only been one instance of what looked like a religious based war. Later investigation revealed that the real reason behind the rebellion was due to outside forces using the religion as a cover for their own goals.

Major Races of the EmpireEdit


The first sapient species to be found by the Immortal Empire, the Amood are simple beings. Most have an intelligence only slightly higher than an animal's. When the Immortal Empire found them the Amood were little more than a collection of nomadic tribes spread out across their planet's surface. When the empire landed the Amood reacted like what was before them was little more than an odd curiosity. The empire decided to try and uplift them knowing that whether they failed or not they would have access to powerful manual laborers.

Amood are massive, standing close to thirty feet tall with thick muscles on a heavy frame. While many Amood posses mediocre intelligence, about one in a million Amood will be born with a blue crest on their head. These special individuals posses an intelligence equal to or even greater than an unaugmented human. These elite few have been quite successful in the Empire.


The Cli'sorr are a bipedal amphibious race and the second sapient species to be found by the Immortal Empire. At the time of discovery the Cli'sorr were just beginning to master space travel and had begun to explore their own solar system. They are unique in that their spacecraft and much of their technology are grown and alive. At the time they had yet to incorporate any weapons on their vessels and were blindsided when a hostile force invaded from outside their system. It was two standard months after this initial contact that the Immortal Empire came into the fray and chased away the besieging force, who have yet to be identified. While the Cli'sorr were grateful to the Overlord and his forces, they were not thrilled with the price they had to pay. The Overlord was determined to incorporate the Cli'sorr into his empire. It was after much debate and a promise that they would be treated as equals that the Cli'sorr joined the Immortal Empire.

Minor Races of the Empire Edit


Machine Based Lifeform The Cog are cold, callas, calculating and yet they can be surprisingly emotional. For machines that is. This leads many to suggests that they were organic at one time but at some point in their history they created a way to transfer their consciousness into a machine body. Once the entire population was uploaded they no longer needed to retain that information which has sense been lost. Though some archive somewhere could still posses the information.

New Cog are created much like any machine, only a very complex machine. Throughout the Cog’s body there are millions of tiny pathways similar to veins and arteries. Nano-bots scurry through this complex network maintaining the Cog. They repair damage, remove organic growth such as bacteria, and replace parts as they wear out. A Cog’s body is centered around a central micro-foundry that produces these nano-bots and the raw materials that they use. The Cog’s mouth is located in the center of its chest and leads directly to the forge. A Cog needs to consume ferrous metal at least once a standard year or they will begin to suffer from malfunctions. Interestingly a Cog does require an atmosphere in order to remain active. Without an atmosphere of any kind the Cog will be unable to cool its micro-forge. This will cause the rest of the Cog’s body to start to heat up. Although it takes weeks the Cog’s body will begin to overheat and fail. In such an instance a Cog can enter a low power state. This cools its forge and it is unable to move. This extends the time it can spend in a vacuum indefinitely.

The Cog are the most resistant to the Immortal Empire’s presence and are proving the most troubling to deal with. If it weren’t for the knowledge and technology they possessed they would have been exterminated near the beginning of the Cerabian occupation.


Reptilian Lifeform The Drake are a cold blooded race whose culture revolves around war. They are almost always at war with themselves, but these are more of a testing ground where the strong, lucky, and intelligent survive to reproduce and fight in the real wars the Drake may find themselves in. Biologically the Drake are interesting in that despite being cold blooded reptiles they give birth to live young and nurse their children. Births usually number from two to three. In the event of triplets one of the young is always killed by the other two. The parents never object, clearly seeing this as natural way of weeding out the weak. Once they become able to walk the children are then prevented from killing each other as it would be an insult to the hard work their parents have invested in them. Growing up the two children are pitted against each other with the stronger being given preferential treatment. They usually grow up as opposites with one being stronger and the other being more clever. The strongest usually ends up on the front lines in a war while the smarter of the two is usual in a leadership role. Despite having authority over them the strategists are still considered to only have supporting roles in the military.

In ground combat the Drake made use of a combination of mechs that filled the many roles needed in a military, from light scouts to massive engines of destruction. The Drake were causing most of the instability that the Immortal Empire exploited. They chafed under the rules and laws of the Cog and Furr and were nearing civil war when the Immortal Empire stepped in. The Drake saw the empire as a way to gain freedom from the Cog and Furr without crippling themselves. Carron led discussions with the Drake's leader Gorson the Blood Gorger, Tyrant of Akalae and secured an agreement that the Drake would not hinder the conquest of the Cerabian Empire and in return the Immortal Empire would not impose itself on the Drake.

Currently the Drake are the most accommodating to the Immortal Empire knowing that their ways won't be swept aside as barbaric and unnecessary. Many have joined the Immortal Empire's military forces.


Mammalian Lifeform The Furr are the most varied of the Cerabian species with their forms and sizes seeming to vary wildly, even among parents and children. Most interestingly they seem to take the form of the mammals from Earth, the Immortal Empire's home planet. When questioned as to why this was the census team was directed to travel to a planet where the Furr’s spiritual leader resides. The leader was named Mindok Ulst Midear Rachenck Andralas, or Mumra for short. The old being was withered and clearly delirious as he spoke in nothing but riddles and contradicted himself on multiple occasions. He has since been discredited as a valid source of information. Despite the wasted trip this still told the empire's census team a great many things about the Furr’s society.

Structures found on worlds controlled by the Furr were always elegant and flowed almost organically with each other. They are an artistic race, always open to peace, yet are perfectly capable of waging war. They are curious and are eager to explore the worlds of the Immortal Empire. Any resentment from the empire's seems to have been forgotten, instead replaced with a burning desire to learn more about them.

Currently the Furr seem to be accepting of the Immortal Empire’s presence.


Sulfur Based Humanoid Lifeform On the surface the Urdont appear to be human, but a closer look reveals many differences. Urdonts posses a higher muscle density than an average human while their skeletons are larger and more densely made. The largest difference is the brain. An Urdont’s brain is split into three hemispheres. The first two operate similarly to a humans, the third seems to affect the other two. It makes the Urdont more creative and actually instills an urge to create. This makes it so that every so often an Urdont will be overcome with a desire to build. What this thing is never concrete but the desire is always consistant. Sometimes it is a simple drinking cup, at others an overly complex weapon or vehicle. An Urdont that cannot build their obsession, for any reason, is likely to become very depressed. This depression rarely lasts more than a few weeks, but Urdont have been known to kill themselves because they weren’t able to build. Sometimes they simply die due to stress. Due to the fact that most planets have an atmosphere hostile to their biology, Urdont prefer to travel in massive city ships. They rarely colonize a planet but will either hire a local populace or use robots to harvest a planet’s resources. Urdonts are excellent weapon smiths and the Immortal Empire is doing their best to incorporate the Urdont’s skill into their own weapons.

The Urdont are currently resistant to the Immortal Empire’s presence. Openly so. They know that the armies of the Immortal Empire would find fighting on their planets unpleasant and so are not overly worried about retaliation. So far there have been no rebellions but a few protests got out of hand and control had to be reestablished.

Science and TechnologyEdit

Standard Technology:

The Immortal Empire has become quite skilled in matter manipulation and use it to quickly produce high quality weapons and armor. They make frequent use of directed energy weapons, especially in space combat.

While each lord employs different weapons, armor, and strategies all imperial forces make use of disruptor based weaponry.

Weird Technology:

The Immortal Empire makes frequent use of engineered super organisms. These creatures are as varied as the roles they fill.

Absurd Science:

The Immortal Empire's application of their knowledge regarding hyperspatial matter and dimensions allows them to employ highly advanced weapons and armor as well as a host of other advanced applications.


The empire's development of magic has thus far been limited. Development is still currently underway but early forms have been employed in the form of runes.


History B.A.

2003: -The Overlord comes to power in a small African country. -This new nation is christened ‘The Unified Empire of Man,’ or UEM for short. -Due to his anonymity, the Overlord comes to be known as ‘The Faceless King,’ ‘The Nameless Lord,’ and so on. -The Overlord spends the next two years stabilizing his new nation and his rule over it.

2005: -The UEM declares that it will annex the people of the neighboring country. -Despite its clear warmongering, many people from around the world immigrate to the UEM due to the great degree of freedom their laws allow. -With this influx advance research begins in earnest. -Over the next five years most of Africa is conquered and the UEM gains access to the ocean.

2010: -The construction of a massive navy and shipping industry begins. -The UEM begins to push into the Middle East as well as South America. -An outpost is made in the center of Antarctica. The UEM assured all that outpost was for scientific purposes only. -Massive immigration continues. -After two years most of the Middle East and South America are conquered.

2012: -The South American campaign is suspended. -The UEM pushes into China and India. -Against the Overlord’s orders attacks are carried out against several European nations. -This provides the world with the excuse it needed to declare war against the UEM. -The UEM places nuclear and other superweapons in orbit.

2014: -The UEM takes most of Europe, Iceland, and Greenland and begins to push into Canada.

2015: -The UEM is over extended and begins losing battles and ground. -Realizing what has happened the Overlord begins working to move his people into space. -Faster Than Light travel research begins.

2028: -By now only a few bastions remain, including the UEM’s capital XX, the Antarctic outpost, and a mountain fortress known by the world as “The Butcher’s Den.” -The Overlord is forced to take to the field in order to ensure that XX doesn’t fall. He displays unique weapons that kill thousands at a time.

2032: -The UEM completes its evacuation of Earth.

2038: -The Overlord holds trials to form his Council

2045: -Faster Than Light technology is finally completed.

2049: -The UEM discovers a planet capable of supporting human life and begins to settle there. -The planet is named Bob by Carron. -Recovery begins in earnest. -The United Empire of Man is renamed as the Immortal Empire.

2056: -The Immortal Empire’s population swells. -Vessels are designed and constructed for warfare in space. -Cloning is fully developed.

2057: -Disruptor energy is discovered. -Interplanetary mining begins. -The Overlord begins researching the universe as a whole.

2071: -Some unknown disaster takes the life of four council members. -The Overlord is declared alive, but in serious condition and needs to recover.

2074: -The Overlord returns.

2077: -The Immortal Empire colonizes another planet. -Effective energy shields are created. -The Void is discovered. -Disruptor energy is weaponized. -Disruptor energy is applied to mining equipment.

2083: -The Immortal Empire colonizes another two systems. -The Amood are discovered and incorporated into society. -Engineering of biological super organisms begins.

2089: -Drizz achieves immortality. -Four more systems are colonized. -FTL tech is refined further and as a result it is discovered how to create matter in a hyperspatial state. -The Overlord shifts his attention from the Void to hyperspatial dimensions.

2093: -The Cli’sorr are discovered and incorporated into the empire.

History D.A.

Here will be the history of the Immortal Empire's presence in the Ancerious Galaxy.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Flux Ascendancy:

The alliance between the Flux Ascendancy and Immortal Empire is only known by the Council of Thirteen. The empire fights on behalf of the Flux and in return the Flux grant the empire foreknowledge and access to vast resources.


The empire's alliance with Capitol is based around the harvesting of the ruins of the Ostech Combine's solar ring, as well as open trade, and extends to military neutrality.


There is a non-aggression between the Immortal Empire and Carnaith.

Tenebrae Collective:

The Tenebrae Collective is currently the only empire in Ancerious that the Immortal Empire has declared open war against.

Cerabian Empire:

The Cerabian Empire has been subjugated by the Immortal Empire.


  • The Immortal Empire is larger than most empires in the Ancerious Galaxy.
  • Imperial presence can be broken up into two pieces. Region 1 was the first to arrive in the galaxy. Region 11 arrived later after subjugating the Cerabians.
  • There are two lords in Ancerious: Lord Wizengurd Platious and Lord Ian McHarrier.