Dagger class

Ship Profile

Overview: A lesser known variant of the Razor the Dagger is in fact just as common in the Union but misidentification of the two happens all the time. The Dagger unlike the Razor is designed by the UNC to attack and engage ships of equal or larger standing of itself with its Phase Missile launchers. Unfortunately the Dagger while able to dish out hits to larger ships cannot take them in return and so is a ship that hangs back and engages with long range missiles. The ships are also still armed with Mass Drivers but mostly to defensive flak fire against fighters. These ships like the Razor are also put into squadrons though they do not protect cruisers like the Razor does; rather they are a separate force to be used as such. Making these craft a very dangerous flanking force…

Armament: The Dagger is armed to the teeth with Phase missile launchers to enage enemy ships while lacking the sheer AA ability of the Razor the Dagger still retains some. It is armed with 4 Dosal and 2 aft Mass Drivers which would be mounted on a Dart, these are always used on defensive flak fire though can also be used to attack other ships. It is also armed with 16 Phase Missile Launchers along the hull with vertical fire.

Mass Drivers: Union Mass Drivers use magnetically accelerated slugs to destroy the enemy, these slugs can either be used in one of 3 ways. The first in ultra AP round which will drive straight through most armours due to the velocity of the rounds, making ships vent into space due to thousands of rounds hitting them rapidly. The second is a less penetrative but still very high AP high EX round which explodes after penetration ripping the ship apart from the inside as used on the Draken ships. The third and final is a flak screen shell which detonates at a certain range and explodes into thousands of other bomblets which will also explode into shrapnel, this decimates fighters and ordnance at close range and some Mass Drivers on the ship are always set to this setting, when all are on this the ship is impervious to fighters thanks to the couples SENTINEL CIWS. These weapons also mount Void Cooling and Nano assemblers and so can keep up a rate of fire of around 450 rounds a minute.

Phase Missiles: these missile launchers on the hull of the Dagger have been recently upgraded with Phase missile technology, this works by the missile before hitting shields or armour phasing out of synch with this dimension and rematerializing inside the enemy ship causing massive damage and means the missiles can’t be defended against easily. These launchers provide extreme range fire and have Nano assemblers to eliminate the need for resupplying.

Defences: The Dagger mounts a Mark 3 Absorption shield which runs on its own separate system so it cannot damage others through power feedback, this shield also cycles constantly through several dimensions at once in an attempt to get some protection from phasic weapons. The ship itself is constructed from a 1ft thick Quantum lattice plate with polytine linings. As well as this a thin layer of Ghostanium is available for stealth missions. Quantum lattice plate is made up from atomically bonded Quantum metal which has a density of around 3x that of any other known substance, this metal is liquid in form but when poured into molten metal of another kind and left to set it becomes virtually unbreakable. Unlike other metals Quantum has no melting point and so will not melt under fire from laser or plasma weapons; it is also highly resistant to kinetic impact damage. The hull is also equipped with Nano assembler repair systems to slowly repair the ship in combat.

The Dagger class also mounts a SENTINEL CIWS mounted all over the ship. This system is made up from numerous point defences consisting of small laser projectors, cascade cannons and miniature missile launchers. Together with the mass drivers on defensive flak fire the Dagger is protected well against attack craft.

Power plant: The Dagger uses a TPC Zero Point Module AX-5 units to provide overall power, this have been reverse engineered from Nakai technology and make use of their artificial pocket dimension technology. The ZPM works by making an artificial dimension and harvesting the natural vacuum energy produced in such, this is totally harmless as if the ZPM is destroyed the dimension collapses harmlessly. The energy produced is also way above other Union energy technology apart from Singularity generators which are still being understood. The Dagger also mounts a secondary YX2 Fusion Generator as redundant in case of emergencies where the ZPM module is taken offline, this generator while nowhere near as powerful as the ZPM module can still power the ship although at a reduced capability.

Electronic capabilities: The Dagger is run by 2 Mark 5 AI systems one for targeting and combat and one for overall control. These AI systems are semi sentient and can hack enemy ships. When a AI gets hacked it immediately either cuts the lines so the enemy cannot access or deletes itself and the intruder with it. The Dagger is also linked to the Union computer and so can access data when needed; it also is linked to the rest of the fleet in a tight information grid.

Stealth wise the Dagger constantly runs a very basic sensor stealth field, this field while not effecting light effects spectrum scans and conventional sensors. While not totally making the ship invisible this obscures the ships form and position leading to an increased ratio of missed shots and wrong moves. A full Displacement unit can be installed for true stealth missions if needed.

Crew: The Dagger carries a reduced 395 personnel to run the ship due to the launchers taking up so much room.

Attack craft: The Dagger does not mount any hangars and relies on other ships to provide attack craft cover.

Speed and engines: The Dagger is very fast able to reach 0.8 light speed on sub light engines and also mounts a Union slipstream drive for FTL capability. Current research and development is underway so the Razor can be fitted with Nakai jump technology.