Bullet Class Union of Worlds Kinetic Kill Vehicle:Edit

Bullet class KKV

Ship profile

Overview: One of the most seen units in the Union of Worlds,and part of the UNC not technically a starship this vessel is only slightly larger than the Union drop ships. However it has a very special role. The Bullet is a sacrificial unit. Completely controlled by a very highly advanced AI slaved to its parent ship the Bullet is designed to intercept enemy fire for its parent vessel and is also armed with a SENTINEL CIWS to help it intercept missiles and attack craft. The Bullets main weapon though is its VERY hard armour, this is for one thing only. Ramming, the Bullet is a ram craft and at 0.8 light speed it is INCREDIBLY powerful, able to easily penetrate battleship armour, however at that target and speed it will not survive, however the Bullet is 100% expendable and very easily constructed. Every Union ship has an escort number of Bullets this varies from ship sizes, from one escorting a Corvette all the way up to 4000 escorting a super dreadnought. When an enemy attacks a Union fleet not only do they have to fight the ships and attack craft but also the suicide drones heading their way...

Armament: The Bullet only is armed with a SENTINEL CIWS to take out missiles and fighters, otherwise it relies on ramming to damage the enemy.

Defences:The ship itself is constructed from a 1ft thick Quantum lattice plate with polytine linings. As well as this a thin layer of Ghostanium is available for stealth missions. Quantum lattice plate is made up from atomically bonded Quantum metal which has a density of around 3x that of any other known substance, this metal is liquid in form but when poured into molten metal of another kind and left to set it becomes virtually unbreakable. Unlike other metals Quantum has no melting point and so will not melt under fire from laser or plasma weapons; it is also highly resistant to kinetic impact damage. The hull is also equipped with Nano assembler repair systems to slowly repair the ship in combat.

Power plant: The Bullet uses a YX2 Fusion Generator as a ZPM module is too large to be used in the Arrow and a Fusion reactor is more than able to cope with the KKV power needs. It also has two smaller fusion units capable of powering the ship up to 2 hours before needing to be replaced.

Electronic capabilities: The Bullet is run by a Mark 5 AI systems. This AI system is semi sentient and can hack enemy ships. When a AI gets hacked it immediately either cuts the lines so the enemy cannot access or deletes itself and the intruder with it. The Bullet is also linked to the Union computer and so can access data when needed; it also is linked to the rest of the fleet in a tight information grid. The Bullets advanced AI is slaved to its parent ship, this allows its parent to better direct the drone to intercept attacks or take out key enemy units in the heat of battle without the crew having to bother directing them.

Stealth wise the Bullet constantly runs a very basic sensor stealth field, this field while not effecting light effects spectrum scans and conventional sensors. While not totally making the ship invisible this obscures the ships form and position leading to an increased ratio of missed shots and wrong moves. A full Displacement unit can be installed for true stealth missions if needed.

Crew: The Bullet has no crew, it is totally AI controlled.

Attack craft: The Bullet does not mount any hangars and relies on other ships to provide attack craft cover.

Speed and engines: The Bullet is very fast able to reach 0.8999 light speed on sub light engines and also mounts a Union slipstream drive for FTL capability.