Era of Creation (Beginning of the Ancient Era) Edit

  • 0 AE - Ancerious is created, how is lost in the mists of time, as is the exact time of it's birth.
  • 100,000 AE - The Sicarii Order make their home in a pocket dimension of Ancerious called "The Fade."
  • 400,000 AE - The Flux watch as one race comes to power and stands over all others, the Flux use their time tech to get rid of them like a gardener for other races to grow. This is the first in a long cycle.
  • The flux ascendancy by commodorehorton-d56uhsd

    The Flux Ascendancy

    15 Million AE - The first stars form and the galaxy's features start to take shape.
  • 30 Million AE - An Early galactic collision with a smaller galaxy brings the ancient Infernuii into the ancerious galaxy. Plans are made for expansion, and they make some gains before the first aberration uprising, their civilization is soon forgotten after the contingency is applied throughout their territories, wiping them out.
  • 53 Million AE - Flux Ascendancy comes to Ancerious in it's very early stages and make it their home.
  • 65 Million AE - First native life begins to form on many worlds, some become sentient and Ancerious' first life cycle begins.
  • 1.42 Billion AE - The Nakai, an ancient race from another reality enter Ancerious and begin a rapid colonization of the galaxy.
  • 1.5 Billion AE - The Spartoi recon Ancerious.
  • 1.55 Billion AE - Spartoi and Nakai teams meet and after a firefight ensues, they both withdraw.
  • 1.65 Billion AE - First contact between the Nakai and the Flux takes place, the Flux are in awe of the Nakai and the first proceedings go well. However, when the Nakai discover the Flux's ability to use time technology, they go to war.

Flux-Nakai War Edit

  • The Nakai strike key Flux worlds and forces and the Flux are taken off guard. Casualties begin to mount, and the Flux are reeling from the shock of the sudden attacks.
  • The Flux, realizing no peace can be attained, turn to war. The Nakai are pushed back on a dozen fronts. The war is soon fought to a standstill with both sides' losses mounting.
    Nakai geniocracy flag by emperormyric-d75vkyy

    The Nakai

  • Both Sides attempt new campaigns and ploys, which move the tides of war back and forth throughout the galaxy. Hundreds of worlds burn from the conflict
  • The Sicarii watch the unfolding conflict but do not pick a side, seeing both sides as immoral and corrupt.
  • The Flux, realizing the Nakai's power on the ground, start employing scorched earth tactics to try and gain the upper hand. More worlds burn in the wake of the new tactics.
  • The Nakai, in a bid to gain the upper hand in space, bring one of their only 3 Ur'Racle Class Dreadstars. The Flux is defeated wherever the ship appears as it's sheer overwhelming might sweeps all before it.
  • The Battle of the Golden Expanse - In the biggest battle of the war, the Flux and the Nakai concentrate their offensives on a previously pointless world. They drive resources into the battle to try and defeat the other, however the casualties rise into terrifying numbers. Both sides employ their most powerful tactics. The Nakai deploy their Ur'Racle Class. The Flux respond with a localized time rip, in a desperate attempt to destroy it. The time rip destroyed the entire area of space, condemning the Nakai fleet, their ultimate ship, and countless lives from both sides to death. It is a dark day for both sides, as the battlefield silences, and both nations withdraw to lick their wounds.
  • After a long lull, both sides begin making pushes on each other's territory once more. The Nakai are successful in driving the Flux from the Golden Expanse, avenging their ultimate ship's death.
  • The Flux turn their attention to the research and development of weapons to the rid the galaxy of the Nakai. They develop small scale tactical weapons, like the Fsemce, and quiet weapons, like the Hush. The Nakai are prevented from breaching their outer galaxy regions, and the Nakai rethinks their strategy, in light of the recent losses.
  • The Battle of the Thuras Abyss - Both sides develop more and more powerful weapons, each one more devastating than the last. Both sides use some of the weapons and both sides' forces are annihilated. These being small in comparison to their other inventions, each nation realizes the devastation that would ensue if they were to employ them.
  • A new galactic cold war ensues, with both sides having the capacity to collapse entire timelines.
  • Nothing comes of the cold war, as both sides realize the destructive power in their hands i enough to wipe each other out, hundreds of times over. The Nakai, however, begin to ponder the worth of the galaxy itself. The Nakai plan an eventual withdraw from Ancerious
  • The Flux-Nakai War ends and the galaxy is a hollow place. As time progresses, it's wounds begin to heal, apart from the wasteland of the Golden Abyss

Period of Recovery Edit